Monitoring Visit in Murcia, Negros Occidental

On September 8, right after OHF’s service mission (Medical and Dental Mission) in Barangay Blumentritt concluded, OHF had a meeting with the 8 CYDP scholars and their parents/guardians. 

The meeting was held at 1:30 pm in their Municipal Library.  LGU Murcia has been its partner in monitoring the scholars since the program started in their municipality in September 2019.  OHF was very happy to meet them again after 2 years of strict community quarantines and travel restrictions due to the pandemic. 

Program Area Coordinator, Janette Corollo congratulated the group for surpassing another academic year with their hard work and perseverance in their studies.  She also welcomed the 3 newly admitted to the program for SY2021-2022. 

OHF Executive Director, Ma’am Linda Perez, encouraged everyone to continue pursuing their dreams while OHF continues to guide and support their education by providing a monthly school allowance.  She reassures 3 of 5 graduating students this school year of continued support for their supplemental units for a term in preparation for taking the licensure exam for teachers. Moreover, she encouraged them to enjoy the fruit of their hard work and help their respective families when they work in the future, their way of paying forward to OHF’s support. 

The scholars received their allowances together with a pair of Vans shoes.  All were excited as they fit and posed for the camera with the new pair of shoes – something they can use in school now that face-to-face classes resume.   

OHF appreciates the partnership with LGU Murcia for 3 years through the unwavering assistance of the Volunteer Coordinator, Ms. Nesaleh Peraren.  She was also given a pair of Van shoes and bag of Loreal products.  These are donations to Open Heart Foundation. 

Prepared by: Janette C. Corollo, RSW, Program Area Coordinator 1


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Monitoring Visit in Enrile, Cagayan

On August 10, 2022, we took the opportunity to visit Enrile Cagayan and meet the 8 CYDP Beneficiaries 6 of them are newly graduates, on our way to a Medical/Dental Mission in Apayao.

The purpose of the Activity was not only to give the allowances and shoes but also to gather students’ evaluations for the School Year 2021-2022. Knowing which aspects, we need to improve and continue is always helpful.

The Activity started at exactly 2:30 in the afternoon, Ms. Erlinda Apostol and the Vice Mayor of Enrile warmly welcomed the OHF team. A short game called “Stinger” was introduced later on. The participants evaluated what they learned and observed. One Shared that we must always be careful in trusting anyone.

The Program Area Coordinator shared her analysis of the moral lesson of the game. One must be careful in choosing one’s circle of friends, second, we must be vigilant in finding what/who’s the network we can affiliate with that fit us or challenged us.

After the game, the 6 new graduates shared their experiences from where they started and how they finished their 4 years in College and also expressed their gratitude for the help of the foundation. After them, 2 remaining CYDP Beneficiaries at Enrile also shared their thoughts, goals, and gratitude to the foundation.

After the activity, OHF Team distributed the shoes that were donated by Vans and their Last Allowance for this School Year 2021-2022.

Ms. Rosalinda T. Perez, the Executive Director of the Open Heart Foundation cited that she wishes all the scholars to become successful someday, finish their studies and find decent jobs so that they may be able to help their families in the future. That was the goal of the Open Heart Foundation, to help one student in a family and that scholar will alleviate her family from the clutches of poverty. They must pay it forward to their siblings and other family members. To the graduating batch, she challenged them to strive further, because finishing their college education is just the beginning of their life’s journey. They are expected to lead their communities in the future. And also, one of the board trustees Secretary Marlyn Fernando shares her motivational message to all the CYDP Beneficiaries.

Prepared by: Maejorie U. Ortega, RSW, Program Area Coordinator 1


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