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Embracing 31 Years of Open Heart: A Jubilant Celebration of God’s Grace

Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. celebrated its momentous 31st anniversary on August 5, 2023, with the theme “31 Years of Impact: Bridging the Hearts, Changing Lives.” The festivities commenced with a soul-stirring mass, officiated by Father Noi Azupardo where the first reading about Jubilee set the tone for a day of celebration and thanksgiving.

The gospel message echoed the importance of righteousness and choosing the right path, reminding us to follow what God wants us to do in all our endeavors as we follow the legacy of our founder, Robert LeGore.

Following the uplifting mass, the program kicked off with great enthusiasm and energy, thanks to the dynamic hosting duo Mae and Frank. Their vibrant personalities set the stage for a series of captivating performances, beginning with the ECCD teachers’ dance number.

Ms. Linda Perez, the Executive Director, delivered inspiring opening remarks, proudly highlighting the organization’s remarkable achievements throughout the year. Ms. Adele Joaquin, Executive Director of Bantay Matanda Inc., graced the stage with her enchanting renditions of “Ang Hele ni Nanay,” “What a Wonderful World,” and “In Other Words,” accompanied by her mesmerizing flute performance.

The event was filled with excitement and joy as the audience eagerly awaited the raffle draw results, leaving everyone delighted with their prizes. The celebration was further enhanced by a captivating Hawaiian dance performance by BOT and the staff, adding an exotic touch to the festivities.

Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, the ceremony took a momentous turn with the announcement and awarding of the winners of the bowling tournament, amplifying the festive spirit of the occasion. A sumptuous lunch break provided an opportunity for everyone to savor the moment and engage in delightful conversations with friends and colleagues.

The event also included a significant moment when letters of acceptance for scholars were distributed, conveying a powerful message of hope and commitment to nurturing the next generation of change-makers. Ms. Linda Perez took the stage to present Open Heart’s accomplishments and plans, setting an optimistic course for the organization’s continued impact.

Acknowledging the dedication and loyalty of its members, Ms. Cheryl Ocampo, with her 20 years of service to Open Heart, received a well-deserved award, recognizing her invaluable contributions.

The success of all projects and programs wouldn’t have been possible without the support of various stakeholders, and the board members expressed their heartfelt thanks and encouragement to the management staff, ECCD teachers, partners, and everyone involved in making the organization thrive.

The plaque of appreciation presented to Let’s Share Foundation, Phil. International Aid, and Rick and Mely Rey Foundation, symbolized the power of partnerships in effecting positive change.

The event concluded, with an exciting photo session, capturing the shared moment and preserving the memories of this significant celebration.

In essence, Open Heart Foundation’s 31st -anniversary celebration transcended a mere milestone, representing the enduring legacy of compassion, hope, and transformative change that the organization embraces with boundless dedication. As it embarks on the path ahead, Open Heart Foundation remains poised to create an even more profound impact, bridging hearts and changing lives across the country.

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to Open Heart!

Staff Development

Review and Revision of OHF Manual of Operations on Children and Youth Development Program (CYDP) Policies.

This aims to ensure that the foundation’s CYDP policies align with the latest regulations, policies, and guidelines set by relevant authorities. This includes compliance with legal requirements, industry standards, and best practices in the field of child and youth development. Also, to enhance program effectiveness through evidence-based practices, clarify roles and responsibilities for stakeholders, standardize processes for efficiency and quality, increase accountability and transparency through monitoring and reporting mechanisms, and adapt to changing needs and context to remain relevant and responsive to the evolving requirements of children and youth.

By achieving these objectives, the foundation aims to strengthen its program, maximize its impact, and contribute effectively to the holistic development and well-being of children and youth.

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OHF Rest and Recreation 2023

To strengthen employee relations, the Open Heart Foundation held its annual rest and recreation cum team bonding for its Staff and Board of Trustees (BOT) on March 15-17,2023 in Boracay, one of the world’s best beach destinations located in Malay, Aklan.

On day one, the group travelled early via land and sea.  It was late afternoon when the group reached the island of Boracay.  The staff didn’t waste time after the accommodation process, they made the most of the day sightseeing from station 1 to 3, picture taking, and exploring restaurants and shops.  They also didn’t let hair braiding go off the list because it is one of Boracay’s best.

On the second day, the group decided to go island hopping.  The package has four stopovers including snorkeling and a buffet lunch.  But only three of these were carried out due to strong waves.  So the group was able to return early at the hotel.  However, the time wasn’t wasted because the staff and board still made the most of it through crystal kayak photoshoots and group picture takings by the beach.  Afterwards, some went to their respective rooms to rest and freshen up for the next activity.  Others spent time in the swimming pool.  At 4:00 PM, the Admin facilitated a team bonding where 5 game activities were prepared for everyone.  Even though the set of activities was tiring, the goal to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and to have fun together was accomplished.  After this, the Staff and BOT went their way again to make the most of the remaining time on the island that day.

On the third and last day, the group once again had breakfast together, and the little time left was used for group photo shoots with the Board of Trustees and their companions.

The activity was full of fun because the Board of Trustees was able to join the Staff.  Everyone is looking forward to the next activity together.

Prepared by: Jesusa Bedia, Admin Officer

Staff Development

OHF Staff Yearend Get Together

Christmas is not only giving presents but also being present.

Christmas activities bring people together and strengthen their spirits, despite a fast-changing and challenging environment.  After a few tough years, the Christmas party is a great opportunity to celebrate the past year’s successes and remind employees why they enjoy working for the organization.

The Open Heart Foundation held a yearend get-together on December 20 at the main office.  It was attended by the staff and ECCD teachers.  The activity started with an opening prayer led by teacher Miriam Molina.  At the onset, everyone practiced a series of Tagalog and English Christmas songs for the caroling that would take place for the Board of Trustees (BOT).  Then they video a full performance of it to send to BOTs overseas.

At lunchtime, everyone happily shared a hearty meal.  The Executive Director, Ms. Linda Perez, gave a Christmas message and well wishes to all.  When it comes to Christmas, the gifts cannot be left out of the picture, so the program includes the exchange of gifts where everyone gave their own gift. But before giving it to their “monito/monita” they first gave a little description and a Christmas wish for him/her.  It was a joy to see the happy faces while giving the gifts.  Mr. Frank Diaz also rendered a couple of Christmas songs to entertain the group.

After the get-together, the group headed to Tagaytay to carol at one of our BOTs, at the house of Ms. Marlyn Fernando.  Despite the cold weather, the group warmly expressed their gratitude by singing Christmas songs.  We were warmly welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Fernando, they prepared snacks and gifts for us. The group went home full of fun and laughter because of this new experience.

This day reminded us of how Christmas is so much more than just giving gifts. Activities such as this are a great way to bring people together, serve, and share blessings.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Prepared by: Jesusa Bedia, Admin Officer 1

Staff Development

Open Heart Foundation Celebrated its 30th Founding Anniversary

The continuing challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic did not deter the Open Heart Foundation from continuing its mission of advocating and promoting the rights and welfare of children. This year is another milestone in its history…30th founding anniversary.

On August 6, 2022, the Open Heart Foundation (OHF) celebrated its 30th Founding Anniversary and also commemorated the 22nd death anniversary of its generous founder, Atty. Robert LeGore through a Thanksgiving mass. This was held at the North Fairview Subdivision Clubhouse in Quezon City and was attended by the Board of Trustees, the OHF staff, ECCD teachers, Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) alumni, college beneficiaries, network partners, and friends.

The theme of this year’s celebration: “OHF’s 30th: Reliving the Bayanihan Spirit Amidst the Pandemic.

The first part of the program honored the memory of Mr. Robert LeGore by marching his portrait near the altar with a flower offering. Following this was the Thanksgiving Mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Noel Tatoy when he challenged the OHF workforce to do the best they could with open hearts and open minds and spread the mission left by the Founder.

The second part of the program was led by Frank Diaz and Maejorie Ortega who served as masters of ceremony.  The program started with an opening message by OHF Executive Director, Ms. Linda Perez, and included in her speech are the upcoming medical and dental mission projects of OHF as a service project to celebrate the 30th year of the Foundation’s existence. These medical and dental missions will be conducted in identified venues, one in Luzon, another in Visayas, and one more in Mindanao in the months of August and September.

The CYDP beneficiaries rendered an intermission/dance number entitled “Kabataang Pinoy” where some OHF staff also joined them in dancing.

The celebration at the North Fairview was highlighted by the launching of the OHYM Hymn entitled “Salamat Open Heart” and the Open Heart Foundation Hymn.

The lyrics of the OHYM Hymn was drafted after a Song-Writing Workshop which was conducted by the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde and was attended by some of the OHF college beneficiaries and OHF program area coordinators. To show appreciation for the hard work of these beneficiaries, OHF allocated resources to improve their output.  The OHYM Hymn was launched at the anniversary and the reaction of the people who watched it was rewarding.  After the launching, the Executive Director gave a token of appreciation to the three CYDP beneficiaries (Wowie Mapakit, Jayson Tapong, and Lovely Tutor) who sang the OHYM hymn.

As for Open Heart Foundation Hymn, this depicts the dream and aspirations of the Foundation.  This song is dedicated by OHF to the beneficiaries and communities it serves.  It can be said that this is the realization of a dream that has been dreamed for a long time even during the leadership of OHF’s former executive director, Ms. Nory Tabios.

Another anticipated part of the program was the awarding of prizes.  An award was given to Janette Corollo who got the most number of votes for her theme entry entitled “OHF’s 30th: Reliving the Bayanihan Spirit amidst the Pandemic.  She received a cash award for this. Years of Service Awards were given to two OHF staff for their years of dedicated and committed service for the realization of OHF’s vision, mission, and goals.  The awardees were Nemencio Maloles for his 15 years of service, and Ma’am Linda Perez for her 10 years of service.  Both Awardees received a Plaque of Loyalty and a cash reward. 

Open Heart believes in the proverb that “All work and no play makes Juan a dull boy”; the reason why the Foundation opened the OHF 4th Bowling Tournament which started in March and ended in July this year. Winners were awarded trophies and cash prizes (runners-up, MVPs, and champions) to recognize their sports prowess.

A slide presentation was also prepared for the awarding of Certificates of Appreciation to OHF’s network partners all over the Philippines who generously share their expertise and resources with the foundation.

For added enjoyment, OHF raffled off shoes and household items courtesy of Vans Philippines, Mr. and Mrs. Danilo and Linda Perez, and of course, the Open Heart Foundation.

Before the program ended, the OHF Board of Trustees, Ms. Lilet Bermejo, and Atty. Taya Guinto, gave inspiring messages and challenges for the workforce.

Indeed, the Open Heart family is so grateful for the legacy of its founder, Mr. Robert LeGore, whose spirit lives on thru the foundation.  In this milestone that OHF has achieved, rest assured that the foundation will remain committed to achieving responsible and excellent service for the empowerment of children and youth.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Open Heart Family!

Prepared by: Jesusa Bedia, Admin Officer

Staff Development

OHF Christmas Fellowship

People all over the world celebrates Christmas annually to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.  Often, this occasion is accompanied by thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving for the birth of Christ who serves and symbolizes the indescribable gift that God gave to mankind.  Therefore, the management decided to have a Christmas Fellowship/Party for all employees together with the Board of Trustees.

Christmas party is also one of the perfect ways to thank the entire workforce by recognizing and celebrating the hardwork they made throughout the year.  The Christmas Fellowship was held overnight on December 16, 2021 at Villa Rufina Resort, Calamba, Laguna.  The staffs decorated the venue and the Admin prepared a program for the whole night celebration. 

To formally start the program, Janette Corollo led the invocation followed by an opening remarks from the Executive Director, Ma’am Linda Perez.  The Board of Trustees, Ma’am Marlyn Fernando and Atty. Taya Guinto also shared their words to the group.  There were also parlor games and prizes available for everyone. 

The party also served as awards night for employees who have served the OHF for 20 years.  The awardees were Davilyn Fajardo, Jesusa Bedia and Marivic Lucion.  There was also an awarding for the Biggest Loser/Gainer where the declared winner was Janette Corollo with an average loosed weight of 7.23 %; Ma’am Linda sponsored P5,000 as award. 

The latter part of the program was the most beloved part of the Christmas celebration which is the exchange gift and giving gifts. This is the only time of year for many people when we get to show each and every person in our lives how important they are to us.  Giving gifts if just another way of spreading the love and joy of Christmas.

The last part of the program was a dinner together filled with stories of happy and funny times.  So everyone happily shared the lechon and other meals prepared by Hanna and other staff such as seafood’s, vegetables, fruits and more.  Happy Holidays to All!

To God be all the glory!

Prepared by: Susie Bedia, Admin Officer

Staff Development

Annual Team Building cum Rest & Recreation

Rest and recreation with team building activity is something that OHF staffs look forward to every year. This activity usually takes place after strategic/work and financial planning or after a big service event like medical mission or relief mission. And how does one prefer to relax? OHF staffs unanimously decided to go on a road trip to see other places that relaxes the mind and body after the taxing activity.

On February 20, 2020 after the planning session in Baguio City, OHF staffs proceeded to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. The objective was for the staffs to relax and enjoy the sceneries they passed by and to know each other better during meals and while strolling around. With the addition of three new social workers to the OHF team, the group enjoyed each other’s company and learned how to fit in and welcomed the new ones.

If there is a place up North that evokes curiosity and excitement for local and foreign tourists; Vigan is one you can find in the list. Vigan is a popular destination for those wanting to see the Philippines of yester years when our country was still under Spanish regime.

Along the way to Vigan, Ilocos Sur, we passed by Candon, Ilocos Sur which is famous for its locally made pasalubong items like cornick of different flavors and other renowned products. The group also had a stop-over in Narvacan public market and bought some bagnet, a deep fried crispy pork belly dish that is similar to lechon kawali and originated from Ilocos.

Finally, we arrived at our destination Vigan, at lunch time. We visited the St. Paul’s Cathedral (also known as Vigan Cathedral) and spent some time inside the church to give thanks and pray. The group soon crossed the Calle Crisologo (also known as Vigan Heritage Village) which is famous for its cobblestone streets, old houses and calesa.

The staff took the liberty to stroll around the area and enjoyed the sights of old historical structures which was painstakingly preserved by the local government. We had picture-taking everywhere (selfie-groupie) for memorabilia and shopping of souvenir items, including delicacies that you can only find in Vigan.

To sum it all, everyone enjoyed the whole day tour especially the food trip and picture taking as it was a great experience for all as a team. Hoping that someday, we could go back and enjoy once more each other’s company thru the activities we shared.

Article prepared by Susie Bedia


Staff Development

Team Building cum Rest and Recreation 2019

In order to facilitate cooperation, improve communication, maintain motivation and consistency among staffs in implementing the programs and services, Open Heart Foundation (OHF) conducted its annual team building cum rest and recreation.

It was held on August 16, 2019 at a beach resort in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. It was attended by OHF staff, board of trustees, volunteers and ECCD cluster coordinators.

Open Heart invited the ECCD Cluster Coordinators, Jerry Tudtud and Criselda Talinga, to facilitate a series of fun games for all. They conducted the team building at the beachfront. After the games, the group decided to take a banana boat ride which enjoyed by all.

The group also relished the venue by nature-tripping, swimming, snorkeling and roaming around the beach area.

As part of the team building, the team organized the marketing, cooking, preparation and cleaning.

Before the day ended, everyone took the time to get acquainted and have fun with each other at the resort.

Article prepared by Susie Bedia