Staff Development

OHF Staff Yearend Get Together

Christmas is not only giving presents but also being present.

Christmas activities bring people together and strengthen their spirits, despite a fast-changing and challenging environment.  After a few tough years, the Christmas party is a great opportunity to celebrate the past year’s successes and remind employees why they enjoy working for the organization.

The Open Heart Foundation held a yearend get-together on December 20 at the main office.  It was attended by the staff and ECCD teachers.  The activity started with an opening prayer led by teacher Miriam Molina.  At the onset, everyone practiced a series of Tagalog and English Christmas songs for the caroling that would take place for the Board of Trustees (BOT).  Then they video a full performance of it to send to BOTs overseas.

At lunchtime, everyone happily shared a hearty meal.  The Executive Director, Ms. Linda Perez, gave a Christmas message and well wishes to all.  When it comes to Christmas, the gifts cannot be left out of the picture, so the program includes the exchange of gifts where everyone gave their own gift. But before giving it to their “monito/monita” they first gave a little description and a Christmas wish for him/her.  It was a joy to see the happy faces while giving the gifts.  Mr. Frank Diaz also rendered a couple of Christmas songs to entertain the group.

After the get-together, the group headed to Tagaytay to carol at one of our BOTs, at the house of Ms. Marlyn Fernando.  Despite the cold weather, the group warmly expressed their gratitude by singing Christmas songs.  We were warmly welcomed by Mr. and Mrs. Fernando, they prepared snacks and gifts for us. The group went home full of fun and laughter because of this new experience.

This day reminded us of how Christmas is so much more than just giving gifts. Activities such as this are a great way to bring people together, serve, and share blessings.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Prepared by: Jesusa Bedia, Admin Officer 1