Outreach Activity

Giving and Making a Difference

Like any other non-government organizations, Open Heart Foundation works and build partnership with other organizations, donors and benefactors to bring out more impact to the communities we serve. 

On its 2nd year, Open Heart Foundation is grateful to be the recipient of 200 grocery packs donation from Zero-In Concept and Production, a full-service event production company based in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Travel restrictions due to current Covid-19 pandemic does not hinder the Foundation in reaching out to families seen most in need of such assistance.  Their donations reached 200 families from Barangay Rosario, Rodriguez, Rizal and Sta. Martha, Palauig, Zambales. 

In coordination with Barangay Chairman Eric Jacinto, 20 barangay health workers and families of 50 participants of recently concluded feeding program for pregnant women of Barangay Rosario, Rodriguez, Rizal received the grocery packs.  Barangay Rosario has been OHF’s partner in Supplemental Feeding for day care children under the Health and Nutrition Program since 2019. 

Meanwhile, the Foundation extended Zero-In’s donations to our partner Aeta community in Sta. Marta, Palauig, Zambales, where 130 Aeta families benefitted.  OHF has been working with Tribal Christian Church headed by Pastor Benny Pulagay, to help mold the young minds of the Aeta children through the Early Childhood Care and Development Program (ECCDP) and Supplemental Feeding to improve health and nutrition of the day care students since year 2018. 

Once again, we are thankful to Zero-in Concept and Production, for sharing your blessings to the people and partner communities we serve.  It has brought joy and hope to the families, especially at this difficult times.  The continued trust and support of donors like you is a blessing to Open Heart Foundation.  As the quote said, truly, ‘giving is not just about making a donation, but making a difference.’   

To God be all the glory!

Prepared by: Janette Corollo, RSW, Program Area Coordinator 1

Outreach Activity

Flu Vaccination in Luna, La Union

The Open Heart Foundation continues to bring programs to various places in the Philippines. During the Covid 19 Pandemic it is important to strengthen people’s resistance against any disease. One of the services of Open Heart to address this is the Flu vaccination project held on December 14, 2021 in the municipality of Luna, La Union; in partnership with a US-based organization; Philippine International Aid, founded by Ms. Mona Lisa Yuchengco in 1986.

The OHF team was warmly welcomed by the MSWDO head Ms. Jeanette Padilla. She expressed her gratefulness that their municipality was chosen as beneficiary of the free flu vaccine project.

Luna, La Union was severely hit by typhoon Maring in the last quarter of 2021 and caused heavy flooding that destroyed farmlands and sources of livelihood.  The executive director of Open Heart Foundation, Ms. Linda Perez, also introduced the foundation’s programs and services as well as the upcoming partnership of the Foundation with the LGU of Luna, La Union. She stressed that the flu vaccine project in this town was made possible by a grant from the Philippine International Aid (PIA).

The beneficiaries were 150 indigent citizens in the area and were identified by Luna MSWDO staffs. The flow of the vaccination project was well planned and organized by the municipal health office. The medical mission started  with a registration and screening of beneficiaries before the administration of the flu vaccine injection by volunteer nurses and doctors from Luna Rural Health unit.

It was another project made possible by partners and donors who believed in projects and causes advocated and implemented by the Open Heart Foundation Worldwide, Inc. Thank you PIA!

Prepared by: Cheryl P. Ocampo, Program Area Coordinator 1

Outreach Activity

Anything of Value in Life Only Multiplies When It Is Given

The Open Heart Foundation (OHF) conducted Disaster Relief Operations in four flooded areas affected by Typhoon Maring in Ilocos Region.  As reported, Typhoon Maring made landfall in the northern part of the Philippines on October 12, 2021, bringing strong winds and heavy rains that resulted in severe flooding, landslides, and widespread damage.

In coordination with the DSWD Region 1, four municipalities were identified as heavily damaged in the province of La Union and Ilocos Sur.

Preparation has not been easy due to nationwide COVID travel restrictions and protocols.  Before the actual activity, OHF staff in charge requested certificate of acceptance from each LGU for boundary checkpoints.  The team also underwent RT-PCR test as required.  The Admin and Finance staff prepared documents such as travel orders, quarantine pass, certificate of employment, vaccination cards, company IDs etc.  The Fairview staff was also in charge of the marketing of grocery items and the repacking of 400 relief packs to be distributed to four areas.

On October28, the team composed of Ma’am Linda, Davilyn, Jerry, Tatet, Mark and Hanna departed from Fairview office at 2:30 AM going to La Union and Ilocos Sur.

For the first batch of relief distribution, the group arrived at the covered court of Brgy. Ili Sur in San Juan, La Union  at 8:00 AM.  The Barangay officers warmly welcomed the team.  Some of them helped in checking the attendance and the crowd control.  They also prepared a short program intended for the outreach activity such as invocation, national anthem, welcome message from Brgy. Captain Evangeline Sabalburo.  OHF Executive Director, Mam Linda Perez, also gave a short introductory message about the OHF agency profile. The distribution of relief goods to 100 families followed after all the opening preliminaries.

For the second batch, the team went to Brgy. Rissing in Luna, La Union which was assisted by MSWD officer Jeanette Padilla.  Brgy. Rissing is one of the barangays in La Union that actually submerged because it is close to a dike and most affected here are farmers because rice fields were severely damaged by the typhoon.  100 families from 5 Puroks/Districts received the relief packs.

For the third batch, the team travelled an hour from La Union to Tagudin Ilocos Sur.   For this area, the relief distribution was in partnership with Let’s Share Foundation headed by its Chairman, Dr. Carol Dacanay, who is a native of Tagudin.  Before the distribution, the team made a courtesy call to the office of Tagudin Mayor Roque Verzosa.  Afterwards, the distribution was held in a covered court in Brgy. Bucao East of Tagudin, Ilocos Sur which was assisted by MSWD Officer Laarni Acosta.  Prior to the distribution, the LGU also prepared opening preliminaries.  The Honorable Mayor also gave a message of gratitude to Open Heart Foundation and to Let’s Share Foundation particularly to Dr. Carol Dacanay.

For the fourth and last batch of relief distribution, also in partnership with Let’s Share Foundation, the team then proceeded to Brgy. Silag in Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur.  They were assisted by MSWD Officer Editha Laya.  Like in the first three areas, OHF also provided 100 relief packs for 100 affected families.  OHF also donated two sets of desktop computers to the MSWD office.  Santa Maria is also said to be one of the most devastated in Ilocos Sur because the municipality is adjacent to a river.  The roads here have been damaged by floods, covered in thick mud and blocked by broken branches and trees so they solicit immediate assistance for their fellow villagers.

It feels good when we give, share and think that the help we give somehow makes a difference in the lives of people in need.

To God be all the glory!

Prepared by: Mark Ben Dapilaga, Bookkeeper

Outreach Activity

Community Relief Mission in Ternate, Cavite

The Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. (OHFWI) aims to bring its programs and services to different corners in the country.  Even before the pandemic started, Open Heart already had a plan to expand.  It has already identified possible areas to extend its services.  But due to nationwide COVID quarantine restrictions and protocols that need to be monitored, these plans have been temporarily put aside.  However, Open Heart has not wavered performing its services and programs.

For year 2021, the Provincial Social Welfare of Development Office (PSWDO) of Cavite, helped the Foundation in identifying areas where to expand OHFWI programs and services. The PSWDO recommended the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Ternate, Cavite. According to them, many students are in need of educational support because the main source of income of families from the coastal area is only in fishing.

To jumpstart the partnership, Open Heart conducted a gift giving activity to help families who were previously affected by typhoon Maring and also served as its service project in celebration of the Foundation’s 29th anniversary and the commemoration of the 21st death anniversary of its Founder, Robert LeGore.

The assigned program coordinator in the area, Ms. Cheryl Ocampo spearheaded the coordination with the LGU.  Courtesy call at the Mayor’s office, ocular visits, and series of meetings with the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) to lay out plans for the activity were conducted in preparation for the activity.

When the strict quarantine restrictions were lifted, the Open Heart staffs immediately resumed planning, purchasing and preparing, then finally conducting the relief mission.  Ternate LGU also provided support by overseeing the selection of recipients, registration, crowd control and implementation of COVID protocols. Everyone worked together to smoothly implement the activity.

The Community Relief mission took place on October 26, 2021 and was held at the Multi-Purpose Hall of Barangay Poblacion 1-A where 150 families were the recipients of gift giving activity.

Staffs from Fairview, Quezon City travelled at 5am to Ternate, Cavite.  The team arrived at the venue at 7AM and immediately began arranging all the goods to be distributed.  When the participants arrived, the program started and Ms. Cheryl hosted the program. 

To officially start the program, Ms. Saleah Uclusin, Open Heart social worker, led the opening prayer followed by the acknowledgment of guests and participants by Ms. Emiliana Ilago from MSWDO Ternate.  With great pleasure, the Hon. Mayor Lamberto Bambao delivered his welcome message.  Open Heart Executive Director, Ms. Linda Perez, also gave an opening message in which she introduced the Foundation’s programs and services as well as the upcoming partnership of the Foundation with the LGU of Ternate, Cavite.

Each family received gift packs containing grocery items like rice, canned goods, noodles, coffee, spaghetti noodle with sauce, and cheese. Open Heart also distributed hygiene kit containing alcohol, face masks and face shields to each recipient.  Open Heart also prepared snacks for all.

The Honorable Mayor also expressed his gratitude to Open Heart for choosing his municipality to hold the event which he called Early Christmas Gift Giving. It was heartwarming to see everyone coming out from the venue with a smile that mirrored their happiness. Even OHF staffs felt fulfilled and happy seeing the recipients happy. Services is more important during a crisis like this. They feel that doing these activities together bring a deeper level of fulfillment.

To God be all the glory!

Prepared by: Susie Bedia, Admin Officer

Outreach Activity


OHF-PIA Outreach Project

It’s been almost a year since the news broke about the health problem facing the world today, the COVID-19 pandemic.  But during those times, one thing prevailed… solidarity!

The Philippine International Aid, a long-time partner of Open Heart Foundation (OHF), invited OHF to submit a proposal that could respond to the needs of the families of beneficiaries who were again affected by the lockdown in April 2021.

Open Heart was lucky to have been granted with required budget for our outreach mission.  In May 2021, OHF conducted an outreach activity for the families who were severely affected by the pandemic; families who lost livelihoods due to job closing, lack of transportation, quarantines and lockdowns.  These two agencies delivered assistance to families covered by the Greater Manila Area such as Cavite, Laguna, Manila, Quezon City and Rizal.

OHF staffs helped with the preparation from purchasing to repacking of 85 sets of goods for the recipients.  Each recipient received two bags of goods containing one grocery bag and one sanitation bag.  Grocery pack contains 5 kilos of rice, canned goods, noodles, coffee and Sanitation pack contains 1 gallon of alcohol, face mask, face shield, bath soap, powder detergent and toothpaste.

The distribution took place in Binan and Carmona on May 19, in Rodriguez on May 22, in GMA and Silang on May 24, and in Manila and Quezon City on May 25.  These were spearheaded by the Executive Director and the Program Area Coordinators 1.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has passed its one-year anniversary and vaccines are becoming available day by day, Open Heart Foundation continues to look for ways to help our less-fortunate brethren affected by the pandemic.  We believe that there are more ways to help and there are generous group of people who are willing to join in this endeavor.

To God be all the glory!

Prepared by:  Susie Bedia, Admin Officer 1

Outreach Activity

McDo Toys Donation from CSA

MCDO Toys Donation from Center for Social Action, DLS-CSB.

The De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde through Center for Social Action generously donated 150 pieces of Mc Donald toys on March 1, 2021.  These toys were distributed to four partner Early Childhood Care and Developments (ECCD) centers of Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. located in Quezon City, Manila and Cavite on March 3, 2021. These centers are Kapalaran Disciples Child Development Center, Mabadan Child Development Center, Buklod Diwa Child Care Center, and Gospel Remnant Child Development Center.

During this pandemic time, children are one of the most neglected sectors in our society.  They are deprived of their normal routine like playing and socializing with other kids, which is vital to their growth and development.  A simple toy puts a big smile into children’s faces.  It is also a tool for their entertainment, spending their time into something meaningful and vital activity during their age.

Prepared by:  Saleah Uclusin, RSW/Program Area Coordinator 1

Outreach Activity


You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion,

and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

– 2 Corinthians 9:11

The Christmas season is truly a season of sharing and gift giving. OHF beneficiaries are once again blessed for this season for the bountiful donations and gifts from various organizations such the Zero-in Events and Production who donated grocery gift packs on December 21, 2020.

 A total of 105 beneficiaries from Quezon City, Manila, Rodriguez, Rizal, Cavite and Laguna and 95 families from its nearby partner communities of Barangay Sta. Lucia and Fairview benefitted from these donations which was distributed on Dec 21-23 and 28-30, 2020.

Support from generous organizations and companies are truly appreciated especially at this time of crisis. Once again, our heartfelt thanks to Zero-in Events and Production!

Prepared by:

Janette Corollo, RSW
Area Coordinator

Outreach Activity


The OHF team in-charge of the relief operation in Cagayan left Quezon City on December 9, 2020 in time for the distribution scheduled on December 10.

The area coordinator of Enrile, Cagayan immediately contacted the Municipality of Enrile through Mrs Erlinda Apostol of the MSWDO and Elaine Respicio of the Legislative Office and a former scholar of OHF upon learning the onslaught of typhoon Ulysses in the province of Cagayan.

After collaboration and coordination, residents of Barangay Batu were identified as recipients of support for it is the most isolated Barangay. The initial plan was to go to Barangay Hall of Batu for the distribution of goods to identified 190 families, but impassable road problems going to the barangay made it difficult for the vans to reach the location.  The Engineering Office of Enrile anticipated these difficulties that the Municipal Engineer deployed a road roller to flatten the rough and muddy road which was caused by a heavy rain the night before. However, this did not work. The goods were then unloaded on the cemented part of the road and instructed community leaders to advise the people to go to the location where the vans stopped for the distribution.

The distribution of goods was done smoothly despite the drizzling weather because of the help of barangay tanods and barangay officials of Batu who assisted throughout the distribution and also with the presence of CYDP Scholars who helped in packing items.

Each recipient received a pack containing a plastic pail, cauldron, blanket, sleeping mat, noodles, canned goods, pack of instant coffee and a bottled water. All the 10 scholars also received a pack of relief goods and a cash assistance amounting to P1000.00

The Foundation would like to extend special thanks to the Open Heart Foundation Alumni headed by Mr. Jonathan Espana who so generously donated cash amounting to Php 33,500; as well as to everyone who helped make it a great success.

Prepared by:

Farisa Baniaga, RSW
Area Coordinator

Outreach Activity


Barangay Rosario is one of the communities that was affected by the typhoon Rolly and Ulysses. The after effect of the typhoon left the houses sunk in the flood which made residents move in the evacuation center, leaving them with no food and basic needs.

On December 1, 2020, the Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. in partnership with the International Container Terminal Services Inc. Foundation distributed 100 grocery packs to the families from Barangay Rosario and 35 food packs and giveaways for the children who are the recipients of the Health and Nutrition Program before. The residents expressed their heartfelt gratitude, saying the groceries are a big help for their families.

 The little ways of helping the people in the community has a great impact relieving them from worries on how to acquire food for their families. Every meal is a struggle when one does not know where to source them. Help and support from entities like ICTSI and Open Heart serve to uplift the spirits of people affected by these calamities. In every struggle, there will always be a chance to start and rise again. We are glad to witness the resiliency of these families. We are wishing for their safety and good health!

Prepared by:

Desiree B. Enriquez, RSW
Area Coordinator

Outreach Activity


Many Filipinos were in need of help after typhoon Rolly hit the country during first week of November followed by typhoon Ulysses immediately after a week.  These two super typhoons of the year reached public storm signal warning number 5 not only in the Bicol region but also in the neighboring provinces leaving several communities flooded, homes roofless, disrupted livelihoods, power outage and signal loss of mobile networks. Both typhoons also came at a time when the Philippines is already suffering from a surge of COVID-19 cases which made responses to victims of the said typhoons more complicated.

Seeing the impact of the typhoons in hard hit areas over the News, the Open Heart Foundation (OHF) quickly responded to the appeals of families from the affected communities. These appeals prompted the Foundation to respond immediately by preparing for a disaster relief mission in Tabaco, Albay. It was previously agreed upon by all the staff that Christmas will be spent serving others in lieu of holding a Christmas Party in December.

No need to wait for December to serve others because the need is now.  So planning, coordination and budget preparation were done simultaneously and purchase of items ensued. At first, coordination with the area has not been easy due to lack of electricity and poor signal of mobile networks.  So, we requested the help of OHF’s former staff from Sorsogon, Ms. Czarina, to go to the area and find a focal person for the relief operation.

On November 2, OHF requested from the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office of Albay for a list of areas badly stricken by the typhoon.  The project site was chosen based on damage assessment report which says that the City of Tabaco had the largest number of evacuees reaching more than 16,000 families or approximately 64,000 individuals.  When OHF acquired the necessary details, it proceeded in purchasing relief goods to be distributed such as pails, sleeping mats, blankets and grocery packs for 300 families located in 3 barangays; 2 from upland and 1 from mainland.

On November 18, OHF conducted the disaster relief operation in Tabaco City, Albay with a theme “Bukas-pusong paglilingkod, sa iyo’y aming ihahandog.”  The preparation was done methodically, observing requirements for the travel and COVID safety protocols.  In the morning the group went to upland Barangays Basagan and Bonot.  But due to sporadic rain in the area, the group were advised to meet the residents at the nearest covered court from the upland barangays where there was no need to go uphill. In the afternoon, the group continued to mainland barangay, Brgy Cobo.

While receiving the gift packs, the residents expressed their heartfelt gratitude.  Some even cried while receiving the goods.  They said that the packs will be of great help as they were running out of household supplies.  It really felt good hearing such appreciation coming from the beneficiaries.  It relieved the fatigue brought about by the 14 hours travel just to deliver these aids and made them feel that OHF is one with them in times like this.

Up to this day, many are still hoping and requesting for assistance for the victims of typhoon.  Despite the pandemic, the Filipinos, together with our organization (OHF), do not waver in helping our countrymen in need.  The spirit of cooperation and solidarity still prevail.

Prepared by:

Jesusa Bedia
Admin Officer