Hats Off to All the Graduates!

Finishing in College is not a joke, it takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication to get the desired diploma.

On June 15, 2023, the Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. flew to Murcia, Negros Occidental to visit and monitor the scholars. Time flies so fast Four years have passed and finally, there are five graduates in the area of Murcia.

Face-to-face kamustahan was conducted in every area, this year it was fulfilling to listen to the Parents and scholars as they share their experiences, challenges, and how they managed to surpass the obstacles met along the way. The graduates were asked what their plans are after they graduate, Some say they are preparing for the upcoming board exam and some are focused on working to help and give back to their families. They are also grateful for the help of the foundation as it served as one of the reasons why they had a chance to study in college.

Since 5 out of 8 scholars graduated and only 3 are left, the Executive Director of OHF instructed the PAC to conduct a screening for potential new scholars of Murcia. Through the help of the Local School Board/Volunteer Coordinator of OHF, Ms. Nessaleh disseminated the information on finding new scholars. On the Same day, the team interviewed 12 candidates, and after careful deliberation, the team came up with the 7 recommendations to become the new batch of beneficiaries for School Year 2023-2024.

In the afternoon, Orientation for new scholars was held and discussed the Memorandum of Agreement between the scholars, parents, and the foundation.

Prepared By: Maejorie Ortega, RSW

Program Area Coordinator