Monitoring Visit in Masbate

It was indeed a great time meeting the scholars face to face after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. This batch was interviewed online and was evaluated based on criteria set by the Foundation. It was a pleasant experience, just talking to these students and knowing their stories about the challenges they encountered in their studies and the sacrifices their families have gone through. 

They were happy and excited to meet the officers and staff of the Open Heart Foundation. They have introduced themselves and their parents/guardians who were also invited to go with them during the monitoring meeting. A short message from the Executive Director, Rosalinda T. Perez,  inspired them to excel in their chosen field of career. Also with the group are members of the board of trustees, Doctor Carol Encarnacion Dacanay, the Chairman of the Board, and Atty Natalia Guinto the treasurer.

Also with the group from Masbate City was the volunteer Area Coordinator from the Municipal Social Welfare Office, Ms. Jennifer Guhilde.

The meeting was conducted in afternoon of the 28th of February 2022, at Ranchelle Hotel and Resort, Masbate City.

Prepared by: Davilyn Fajardo, Program Area Coordinator 1