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OPEN HEART FOUNDATION WORLDWIDE, INC. is a not for profit, non-stock, non-government organization founded by Robert LeGore, an American barrister who served as a public defender for youth offenders in the USA. He believed that if children and youth were given the opportunities and experiences by which to develop their potentials they become self-directed, responsible, creative and productive members of society. Robert LeGore, together with a Chinese educator and three Filipinos who believed in the inherent worth and dignity of every child established the FOUNDATION for the realization of this vision.


Empowered children and youth who realize their worth and dignity and are equipped with the wisdom to be self-directed, responsible, creative and productive members of the society.


Provide opportunities and experiences to develop the potentials and capabilities of children and youth.


  • Children and youth manifesting positive changes in behaviors and attitudes having realized their self-worth as individuals.
  • Children and youth adequately prepared and guided in the different aspects of learning and development.
  • Families and communities highly aware and actively involved in the education of children, the promotion of their rights and their protection.


Service Delivery with Commitment, Compassion, Integrity and Respect for Dignity.

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