Provision of Broadband Prepaid WiFi for Beneficiaries in Region 4A

Given the current needs of students in the new learning modalities, the Foundation decided to use the cash incentive it received from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in the purchase of Broadband Prepaid WIFI with 500 prepaid load cards.

Open Heart Foundation satisfactorily complied with the requirements in the implementation of Community-based programs and services for Children and Youth and their families in Region IV-A. The DSWD-Standards Bureau awarded this incentive to Open Heart as one of the Social Work and Development Agencies (SWDA) that passed the Level 2 accreditation.

The Level 2 accreditation means that a SWDA is compliant to mandatory and higher set of indicators required for its work areas and will be issued an accreditation certificate valid for five (5) years.

The said cash incentive was used to buy prepaid broadband which were given to all senior high school and college beneficiaries of Open Heart in Binan Laguna, Carmona Cavite, GMA Cavite, Silang Cavite and Rodriguez Rizal, who have difficulty accessing an internet connection. On October 18, 2021 a total of 31 beneficiaries received the Broadband prepaid WIFI. The recipients were grateful, for according to them this will be very useful in their online class.

Prepared by: Cheryl P. Ocampo, Program Area Coordinator



Children and Youth Development Program

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Open Heart Foundation believes that proper education liberates the young mind from ignorance and poverty.

The Foundation provides assistance for the ancillary cost of formal education in the elementary, high school and college levels. For the monitoring of children who reside outside the National Capital Region (NCR), Open Heart forges partnership with local organizations/institutions and committed individuals. Aside from financial assistance, the following services are also provided:

– Educational Assistance
– Psychosocial interventions
– Advocacy on children’s rights
– Reinforcement/Remediation activities/Tutorial
– Independent living for young adults
– Socio cultural activities
– Technical assistance for CYDP graduate
– Network building
– Referrals for medical care



Early Childhood Care and Development Program

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The Early Childhood Care Program of the Open Heart Foundation is in partnership with people’s organizations, faith based organizations and small day care centers. Open Heart Foundation provides technical assistance to Early Childhood Care workers in enhancing their knowledge in child development, provides a repertoire of pedagogical and social approaches which they could utilize to improve their craft, and enhances their personal upliftment through rest and recreation support.

The objective of the program is to enhance the capabilities of Early Childhood Care Workers and provide assistance on the process of Registration in order to comply with the standard set by the Early Childhood Care and Development Council as mandated by Republic Act 10410.



Child Abuse Prevention and Community Intervention Program / Special Project

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For families and communities, supports services are in the form of:

– Advocacy on children’s rights at the community level.
– Capacity building/development for community leaders, partners and volunteers.
– Network building.