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Medical Mission in Marinduque

On July 4, 2023, Open Heart Foundation conducted a successful flu vaccination program in Boac, Marinduque, as part of our mission to provide medical assistance to underserved communities. In collaboration with the Let’s Share Foundation and in coordination with the Boac Municipal Health Center, we were able to administer flu vaccines to selected recipients from various barangays.

Before the vaccination program, the dedicated staff of Open Heart made preparations to ensure the smooth execution of the event. On the designated day, the program commenced with a solemn prayer, followed by the national anthem, symbolizing our shared patriotism and dedication to serving the community. The Executive Director of Open Heart, Ms. Linda Perez, delivered her opening remarks, expressing gratitude to the Let’s Share Foundation, the Boac Municipal Health Center, and all the participants for their support. Additionally, the Open Heart Board of Trustee, Ms. Lilet Bermejo shared a brief message, emphasizing the importance of community health, openness, and cooperation. As a special addition to the program, Ms. Adele Joaquin, the Executive Director of Bantay Matanda, captivated the audience with a special musical performance, reminding everyone of the significance of caring for the elderly.

Dr. Carol Encarnacion Dacanay, the esteemed Executive Director and founder of Let’s Share Foundation, conducted an informative orientation about the flu vaccines. Despite her remote presence, Dr. Dacanay graciously answered questions from the audience, ensuring that all concerns were addressed. Following the orientation, the vaccination process began, administered by diligent healthcare professionals from the Boac Municipal Health Center. Before receiving their vaccinations, participants underwent necessary registration and screening procedures to ensure their eligibility and safety.

After receiving their flu shots, participants were advised to remain under observation for some time to monitor any immediate reactions or side effects. Open Heart staff members facilitated this monitoring process, ensuring the well-being of all participants. During this period, light snacks were provided to the participants, fostering a pleasant atmosphere and allowing for interactions among attendees.

The event reached its pinnacle when the esteemed town mayor graced the occasion with an inspirational message. The mayor expressed gratitude towards Open Heart, the Let’s Share Foundation, and the Boac Municipal Health Center for their collaboration in organizing this vital healthcare initiative. Furthermore, the mayor announced exciting news regarding new partnerships with different agencies, underscoring the continuous efforts to improve healthcare services in the community.

The flu vaccination program in Boac, Marinduque, was an incredibly productive and meaningful day. Through the unwavering support of the Let’s Share Foundation, the Boac Municipal Health Center, and all the participants, Open Heart successfully administered flu vaccines to selected individuals from various barangays. The engaging program, informative orientation, and collaborative efforts showcased the collective commitment to community health and welfare. Open Heart remains grateful for the warm welcome and appreciation extended by the Boac community, and we look forward to future endeavors aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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Medical/Dental Missions in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in celebration of OHF’s 30th Founding Anniversary

The Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. celebrated its 30th Founding Anniversary this August 2022.  With the theme, ‘OHF’s 30th: Reliving the Bayanihan Spirit Amidst the Pandemic,’ Medical and Dental Missions were conducted in the three main groups of islands in the country: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. These missions were undertaken in partnership with the respective local government units in the three identified locations. 

For Luzon, it was held at Barangay Madatag, Kabugao, Apayao on August 11, 2022 benefitting 300 residents (150 adults and 150 children). Residents from Bgy Madatag and four other barangays were identified by the Health Workers of the Rural Health Unit as recipients of said services. Medical personnel from Apayao Provincial Hospital and Conner District Hospital, together with OHF volunteer physicians Dr. Daniel John Perez, Dr. Janica Caye Posadas, and Dr. Janela Aubrey Palce served as physicians during the missions.

For Visayas, the medical and dental mission was held at Barangay Blumentritt Murcia, Negros Occidental on September 8, 2022.  The Municipal Health Office, headed by Dr. Raymund Antonio Maguad served together with their medical team composed of 2 physicians, 15 nurses, and 4 midwives.  The Provincial Health Office thru Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson and Dr. Ernell Tumimbang tapped six volunteer dentists and one dental aide. Three hundred recipients (150 adults and 150 children) from Barangay Blumentritt, the largest barangay in the municipality benefitted from the activity. 

For Mindanao, the service project took place in Barangay Magkalungay, an Indigenous People’s community in San Fernando Bukidnon on August 31, 2022.  A total of 200 residents (100 adults and 100 children) were the recipients of the medical mission.  The Provincial Health Office, headed by Dr. Maria Algerlina Edma served during the mission together with their rural and barangay health workers.

Local Government partners in the three areas provided medical and dental volunteers including transportation. Military armed men also accompanied the Open Heart team in San Fernando, Bukidnon to ensure their safety.  Free medical consultations and medicines were provided to those in need.  Dental services include free dental examinations, tooth extraction, and oral health education.  

The LGUs thanked the Open Heart Foundation for choosing their areas in the conduct of the medical and dental missions. These activities reflected the “BAYANIHAN spirit,  a ‘spirit of civic unity and cooperation among Filipinos.  The Open Heart Foundation worked closely with these government agencies/ offices in bringing basic health services to children and their families.

All for God’s glory.