Capacity Building

OHF conducted FSER Training for Day Care Teachers in Catarman, Northern Samar

Through the invitation of Ms. Irmina Delorino, MSWD Officer of LGU Catarman in Northern Samar, OHF conducted a Training-Workshop in First Steps in Engaged Reading (FSER) for their daycare teachers.  It was held during the 2022 Child Development Workers Summit on June 22-23, 2022 at Somoray Park and Resort in Bobon. 

FSER is an effective teaching methodology that capitalizes on the children’s visual, oral, and body language strengths to help build reading comprehension and writing skills development.  It uses the 4 codes of communication, which proved to be effective in learning and communicating. 

A total of 70 daycare teachers from 9 districts of Catarman participated in the said training.  The teachers did not only learn about the teaching methodology but experienced the whole process firsthand as students.  They enjoyed the training filled with interactive activities that certainly brought teaching more fun and enjoyable for them. 

Come this school year 2022-2023 opening, OHF looks forward to how these teachers can make use of their learnings from the training in their respective schools.  

Prepared by: Janette C. Corollo, RSW, Program Area Coordinator