Capacity Building

“Knowing Yourself Better”: Learning Session on Self Awareness.

47 CYDP scholars participated in this learning session from 8 areas – (1) Kabugao, Apaya0, (2) Catarman, Northern Samar, (3) Rodriguez, Rizal (4) Victoria and (5) Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, (6) Murcia and (7) Sagay City, Negros Occidental and (8) Mati, Davao Oriental.

‘Knowing Yourself Better’ is a learning session on Self-Awareness, the first of the 3-series session designed towards enhancing Social and Emotional Learning of OHF scholars.  It aims to deepen understanding about the importance of self-awareness for their personal growth and development, identify key areas that encompasses one’s self and enumerate ways to know themselves better and other practical habits towards self-discovery.

Three sessions for (3) batches were conducted to accommodate all scholars from the 9 areas.  A face-to-face session for scholars from Colegio de Montalban was held on September 3, 2021, Saturday from 2:30-4:00pm after the distribution of their allowances.  Meanwhile, the 2 virtual sessions were held via Google Meet on September 11 & 25. 

The session encouraged the participants to reflect on characteristics which makes every individual as a unique person such as personality, attitude, experiences, habits, perspectives, likes/dislikes, goals and passion – and the factors that significantly influences such as experiences.    

Given emphasis is that ‘the qualities of an individual can be honed, improved upon, and made to grown as we continue our life’s journey’. 

What I should know to be self-aware?

In the discussion, the participants shared ideas on things one must be prepared for towards discovering self – (1) see yourself honestly, (2) recognize strengths and weaknesses, (3) identify your emotions and (4) work towards growth.

The 4 things mentioned above challenged the participants of their readiness towards self-discovery.  Just like one of the participants commented, ‘it seems like it’s the basic requirements for an individual to be successful in this self-discovery journey, which somehow gives them the idea to work on these things first to attain his ‘ideal self’. 

Enumerated are five simple habits that can be adapted by the participants in daily routine/activities.  In fact, some of them already mentioned that they used to or have been doing some of these but stopped because of the busy schedule for school and academic requirements. 

The five (5) simple habits are daily reflection, keeping a journal, practicing meditation and other mindfulness habits, taking personality and psychometric tests, and asking for feedback.  All these simple habits suggest opportunities for everyone to take time to relax, breathe, reflect or think about their experiences and how it affect the way they think, feel, and act. 

The participants acknowledged the relevance of the topic to every one of them, the importance of ‘knowing themselves better to help improve their self-confidence and for personal growth and development’ and that ‘through knowing themselves first, they can achieve or do better’. 

They found the topic discussed as useful, very relevant, and timely. It allowed them to pause in a while, reflect and tune in to their thoughts, feelings and actions to know themselves better, use their strengths, work on their weaknesses and flaws and be the best version of themselves while attaining their personal goals in life.

To God be the glory!  

Prepared by: Janette Corollo, RSW, Program Area Coordinator