Outreach Activity


Typhoons in the Philippines are inevitable. In fact, it has become part of the lives of the Filipinos. We are known for being resilient and know how to survive any hardship.

On November 1, a typhoon named Rolly was declared as the strongest typhoon for the year 2020. It has damaged some parts of the Philippines, leaving houses destroyed and families in distraught. Due to this situation, the national government, local government, non-government organizations and even voluntary individuals organized to help the affected areas.

However, on November 12, another typhoon hit the Philippines which brought about more damages. The typhoon Ulysses had caused so much flood in some of the areas in Metro Manila, other regions and the most shared posts in social media is the province of Cagayan; leaving the houses submerged in flood. People climbed up their roofs, crying for help and rescue.

With these reported disasters, the Open Heart Foundation has organized a relief operation in the area of Rizal, specifically in Barangay Wawa. Barangay Wawa has been greatly affected by the typhoons and is in need of donations. The Foundations donated clothes and food packs to the victims on November 16, 2020 with the assistance of former ABSNET officer, Ms. Marinel L. Montallana.

Keeping other people in need is the very core of the Foundation’s existence! We are wishing everyone’s safety and fast recovery!

Prepared by:

Desiree B. Enriquez, RSW
Area Coordinator