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SARS-CoV-2 a.k.a CoVid-19 pandemic has spread around the world affecting many people in different countries.  To prevent the spread of the virus, countries have agreed on lockdowns and quarantines and encouraged people to stay indoors to save lives.

This pandemic caused many to cancel their special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.  However, instead of letting the pandemic spoil the celebrations, people thought of creative ways to celebrate important occasions while maintaining social and physical distancing.

In 2020, the Open Heart Foundation celebrates its 28th year of giving services to the children and youth, families and communities in the Philippines; and commemorates the 20th death anniversary of our generous Founder, Atty. Robert LeGore.  OHF is one of the many organizations that wish to celebrate very special occasion like this, but due to this pandemic, OHF decided to make the anniversary celebration safer by live streaming a Thanksgiving Mass via Zoom application.  This is to prevent the potential exposure of its staffs, friends, families and guests to the deadly virus.

The anniversary celebration was held on August 1 through a series of programs. The program began by paying tribute to our Founder, Robert LeGore; for the life he shared with the Filipino people and his legacy of having an open heart to empower so many children and youth.  After paying tribute, our Executive Director, Ms. Rosalinda Perez, gave her opening message.

After all the preliminaries, a Thanksgiving Mass was officiated by Rev. Fr. John Harvey Bagos of Good Shepherd Church.  He was assisted by OHF Executive Director and selected staff in leading the Readings and Responsorial Psalms.

After the mass, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Carol Encarnacion-Dacanay also gave her message of inspiration in relation to the thanksgiving celebration.

On the second half of the program is the announcement of the top 3 winners of the Logo-Making Contest and the announcement of the official logo for Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) under Children and Youth Program (CYDP).  OHYM is an organized children and youth group whose members are the beneficiaries of CYDP.  It is an active youth movement that stands united to claim their rights with corresponding responsibility as they realize their purpose and roles towards progress and nation building.  To formalize them as a group, a logo-making contest was opened to all OHYM groups.  The logo entry from OHYM Romblon was chosen as the winner and was designated as the official logo of the Open Heart Youth Movement.

The pandemic presented us challenges of different kinds but it also strengthened our resolve to realize our goals and made us closer to each other.  The online celebration was attended by the board of trustees, staffs, beneficiaries, graduates, parent volunteers, network partners, previous employees and other invited guests.  Truly, their presence signify that they are one with Open Heart Foundation’s mission and vision for the children and youth.

We also took this opportunity to bless the LeGore Learning Center; a learning center intended for pre-school children residing within the subdivision and nearby subdivisions. It is envisioned to cater the needs of regular children and children with special needs thru inclusion.

As the program ended and as a sign of solidarity, everyone was invited to give a heart sign virtually, a heart that symbolizes our commitment, compassion and unselfish dedication for the empowerment of children and youth.

Congratulations to the Open Heart Family.

Prepared by:

Jesusa Bedia
Admin Officer