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Children’s Month Celebration in Romblon

Article by:
Jessica Roda
Vice President
OHYM Romblon

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Because of the cooperation and strong relationship of each beneficiaries, we Open Heart Youth Movement Romblon came up with an activity for the children and their parents, as celebration for children’s month. Early morning of November 17, 2018, we started preparing, by doing our assigned tasks: some prepared the gifts, the games, and the food that we would give to our participants. Every one of us did our tasks happily that’s why we finished the preparation early, then proceeded to our venue, in Lagting. We were even accompanied by our beloved guidance counselor, Ms. Molo. While we were on our way, we encountered children who are malnourished and with no clothing, we also invited them to join our activity because we want them to feel happy though our gifts.

When we arrived at the venue, the chieftain, who is a father of one OHF beneficiaries, warmly welcomed us together with many children and their parents. One of the elders showcased their tribe dance as a sign of our acceptance in their area. Lagting is a place which is far from civilization of the municipal center of San Fernando, Romblon. It is located 3km away from the barangay Poblacion. It is a place where the indigenous people live, called Mangyan. We have seen how the tribe respected each other, their culture and their beliefs.

When we officially started the program, Jessica Roda opened it with a prayer then followed by a simple speech by Ms. Molo. Marvin Iyas then gave the lecture about disaster preparedness during an earthquake. Everyone is interested about the topic and even asked questions and also shared their ideas about the topic. During our games activity, the children enjoyed their experience that even their parents joined the games too. After the games, we gave our simple gifts and some food. Everyone in the community was really happy and thankful, specially their chieftain saying it is their first time to experience it and that a foundation came to visit them, it is a great help to their community.

The Open Heart Youth Movement Romblon is really thankful to all the staff and people behind the foundation who supporting and helping us more than just financially but to pay back and help other community. This experience is memorable and incomparable.

Article by:  Jessica Roda, OHYM Romblon


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