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Simultaneous Cleanup Drive by OHF Youth Movement

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A day of a simultaneous cleanup drive was conducted in three different areas on October 28, 2018. This is an initiative of the officers and members of the Open Heart Youth Movement; an organized children and youth group of the Open Heart Foundation.

For Quezon, in Palawan they have identified the bliss site. This area is similar to the slum area in the metro. It is rarely cleaned by concerned individuals. The Open Heart Youth Movement then decided to extend their free time to do a cleanup in the area especially the road canals.

For Manila beneficiaries, Dakota and Quirino streets in Malate, Manila, was the place they have reached out. This place is near their respective communities. The area is often cleaned by street sweepers but during this day while the street sweepers were on rest day, they have taken the responsibility to do the task.

For Binan, Laguna beneficiaries, the flooded prone area in Barangay Dela Paz was their place for the community cleanup. It is near the vicinity of school which was long submerged in water. Several streets where also cleaned up. Together with some parents and staff the activity transpired.

Kudos to all these young men and women of the Foundation. More community outreach to extend in our respective communities. We always got your back!

Article by: Visimar Mimay, CYDP Program Manager


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