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Coastal Clean Up in Romblon

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Ocean provides us lot of things. It is vast, wide, and deep that nurture different kind of living things. Its beauty captivated our naked eyes. Therefore, it needs care, love and protection to make it clean and beautiful up to the next generation.

Last October 18, 2018, the Open Heart Youth Movement in Romblon conducted an activity held at Pantalan of Poblacion, San Fernando, Romblon. This activity was coastal clean-up. We heard the cry of nature that it needs us to protect, love, and care. To show our love to our mother nature we conducted this activity. This was a small activity with the purpose of awakening youths and the people nearby the coastal area that even a simple way of cleaning the seashore makes a big impact to the nature. Cleaning plastics and plastic containers along the shore will help and rescue the sea to make it hospitable for the creatures living in it. There are news that endangered species of sharks and whales die because of plastics they accidentally swallowed from the sea.

The Open Heart Youth Movement – Romblon started the clean-up at 7:00 in the morning. We gathered garbage like plastic cans, tin cans, plastic cups, plastic bags, dried leaves, and etc. we put it in sacks and segregated for disposal. The clean-up ended at around 11:00 in the morning. As we finished the activity, we feel very happy and fulfilled seeing the clean seashore and realizing that in the simple way we already helped our environment.

A simple move makes a big impact if you have a team that helps and supports you all the time.


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