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OHYM Binan, Laguna Clean-Up Drive

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The Open Heart Youth Movement -Binan Chapter proved that they are earth lovers. Last February 25, 2017, timely for the people power celebration, we have initiated a one-time community clean-up drive in Barangay Malaban. It was initiated by the officers of the Open Heart Youth Movement and was enjoined by other beneficiaries of the Foundation, Binan City in particular. The officers made all the necessary coordinations in the Barangay. The CYDP staff of the Open Heart Foundation, likewise, joined them in the activity. Some parent volunteers were also present during the event.

Positive feedback from the barangay officials and the constituents were heard during the activity and this served as their inspiration to do more for others. “As long as we have the support of the adults, we will continue to serve our community in our own little way. Doing this simple activity enhances our self-worth as ordinary young people”, commented by the beneficiaries.

With the guidance of the CYDP staff and with the unified effort of all beneficiaries, the community clean-up was, indeed, a success and an accomplishment that we will never forget.

News Article by: Chrysales Borlagdan Open Heart Youth Movement Officer


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