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OHF Relief Operations PHASE II for Frontliners During GCQ

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Open Heart Foundation (OHF) conducted relief operation by giving grocery items to our needy beneficiaries and their families to ease their concerns of providing foods on the table. This was considered as the PHASE l of the three-pronged-approach envisioned by the Foundation as its pro-active response to the pandemic crisis. Phase l- was providing foods and goods to families who could not go out and work to earn a living.

v Now that most of the areas are under General Community Quarantine (GCQ), and people were given a chance to work and earn, OHF moved forward towards the PHASE ll approach by helping out not only its beneficiaries but also its partners who are in the frontlines, Local Government Units (LGUs), school partners and ECCD teacher-partners. OHF donated boxes and packs of personal health protective items such as gallons of alcohol, goggles and face masks. Phase ll’s objective is to support our frontliners; whom we consider our present day heroes.

The OHF staffs conducted a series of coordination with the LGUs, schools and day care centers in their respective areas of coverage and then scheduled the month of June as the start of distribution of health protective items. PHASE ll is still ongoing as of this writing.

The beneficiaries of the health protective items (HPI) were the OHF’S LGU partners and Health Care Workers in Fairview in Quezon City, Carmona, GMA and Silang in Cavite, Binan in Laguna, Catarman in Northern Samar, and Rodriguez in Rizal. OHF also donated sets of HPIs to Marinduque State College. ECCD partners in NCR and nearby towns are also among those beneficiaries.

Looking forward to our PHASE lll approach which we hope to accomplish before classes start!

In this battle of CoVid-19 pandemic, let us work together to completely eradicate this life-threatening virus. Let us also join the government’s call to “Stay Home to Save Lives” and educate ourselves on the CoVid Protocols and Safety Measures.

Articled prepared by Susie Bedia, Admin


OHF Holds Relief Operation PHASE l during ECQ

Due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the government ultimately decided to implement a strict community quarantine/lockdown in different parts of the country. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease caused by the novel corona virus that first emerged in Wuhan, China in late 2019. The restricted movement of people was said to contain the spread of the virus.

With these restrictions in place, the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) released a directive for business owners to allow their employees and workers to “work-from-home” or “stay-at-home”, except for the medical frontliners attending to people getting sick and military overseeing the implementation of certain protocols related to the containment of the virus.

As a result, many were temporarily deprived of their livelihood. Resources were not enough to provide for their families. Therefore, the national government, LGUs and the DSWD worked hand in hand to provide help and assistance to those gravely affected by the crisis

Open Heart Foundation (OHF)took a pro-active role and immediately responded to help ease the difficulties encountered by the families of its beneficiaries in Quezon City, Manila, Laguna and Cavite by distributing bags of consumables composed of canned goods, several kilos of rice, noodles, coffee and sugar during the lockdown.

All staff residing near OHF main office in Fairview, Quezon City headed by the OHF Executive Director Ms. Linda Perez together with some volunteers prepared 250 packs for distribution. OHF also allocated 9-10 packs of relief goods for each staff to be given to their relatives and neighbors whom they know to be adversely affected by the lockdown.

Jerry, Tatet and Mark were in charge in the purchasing of the goods. The following day, Ma’am Linda, Jerry, Tatet, Mark, Hanna with her children, and Saleah with her sibling helped in the repacking of the goods. The distributions were done on March 26 and 27 on the said areas.

Together, we unite to fight this virus and pray for its total eradication.

Articled prepared by Susie Bedia, Admin


OHF on its 28th Years of Unselfish Services to the Filipino Children & Youth

SARS-CoV-2 a.k.a CoVid-19 pandemic has spread around the world affecting many people in different countries. To prevent the spread of the virus, countries have agreed on lockdowns and quarantines and encouraged people to stay indoors to save lives.

This pandemic caused many to cancel their special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. However, instead of letting the pandemic spoil the celebrations, people thought of creative ways to celebrate important occasions while maintaining social and physical distancing.

In 2020, the Open Heart Foundation celebrates its 28th year of giving services to the children and youth, families and communities in the Philippines; and commemorates the 20th death anniversary of our generous Founder, Atty. Robert LeGore. OHF is one of the many organizations that wish to celebrate very special occasion like this, but due to this pandemic, OHF decided to make the anniversary celebration safer by live streaming a Thanksgiving Mass via Zoom application. This is to prevent the potential exposure of its staffs, friends, families and guests to the deadly virus.

The anniversary celebration was held on August 1 through a series of programs. The program began by paying tribute to our Founder, Robert LeGore; for the life he shared with the Filipino people and his legacy of having an open heart to empower so many children and youth. After paying tribute, our Executive Director, Ms. Rosalinda Perez, gave her opening message.

After all the preliminaries, a Thanksgiving Mass was officiated by Rev. Fr. John Harvey Bagos of Good Shepherd Church. He was assisted by OHF Executive Director and selected staff in leading the Readings and Responsorial Psalms.

After the mass, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Carol Encarnacion-Dacanay also gave her message of inspiration in relation to the thanksgiving celebration.

On the second half of the program is the announcement of the top 3 winners of the Logo-Making Contest and the announcement of the official logo for Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) under Children and Youth Program (CYDP). OHYM is an organized children and youth group whose members are the beneficiaries of CYDP. It is an active youth movement that stands united to claim their rights with corresponding responsibility as they realize their purpose and roles towards progress and nation building. To formalize them as a group, a logo-making contest was opened to all OHYM groups. The logo entry from OHYM Romblon was chosen as the winner and was designated as the official logo of the Open Heart Youth Movement.

The pandemic presented us challenges of different kinds but it also strengthened our resolve to realize our goals and made us closer to each other. The online celebration was attended by the board of trustees, staffs, beneficiaries, graduates, parent volunteers, network partners, previous employees and other invited guests. Truly, their presence signify that they are one with Open Heart Foundation’s mission and vision for the children and youth.

We also took this opportunity to bless the LeGore Learning Center; a learning center intended for pre-school children residing within the subdivision and nearby subdivisions. It is envisioned to cater the needs of regular children and children with special needs thru inclusion.

As the program ended and as a sign of solidarity, everyone was invited to give a heart sign virtually, a heart that symbolizes our commitment, compassion and unselfish dedication for the empowerment of children and youth.

Congratulations to the Open Heart Family.

Article prepared by Susie Bedia


Open Heart Youth Movement as an organized youth group

  • 1 Logo OHYM
  • 2 Logo OHYM
  • 3 Logo OHYM
  • 1 Logo OHYM
  • 2 Logo OHYM
  • 3 Logo OHYM

One of the core programs of Open Heart Foundation Worldwide, Inc. (OHF) is the promotion of the Participation Rights of the children and youth through the Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) under the Children and Youth Development Program (CYDP).

OHYM is an organized children and youth group whose members are the beneficiaries of OHF–CYDP nationwide. Through the CYDP, each beneficiary is empowered through capacity trainings and various psychosocial activities. Currently, there are 30 areas where CYDP is operating, thus also having 30 active OHYM groups with over 307 members. Each OHYM group conducts various activities voluntarily in their communities, not only as a means to share or pay forward the benefits and privileges they receive from the Foundation but also to share their positive experiences with other children and youth through their community outreach activities.

Last February 2020, OHYM Biñan and OHYM Quezon City teamed up to brainstorm and finalize the draft for OHYM’s vision, mission, and goals.

Here are the final vision, mission, and goals of OHYM:

  • Vision: An active youth movement that stands united to claim our rights with corresponding responsibilities as we realize our purpose on the progress of the society.

  • Mission: Seize every opportunity and participate in all activities that create learning and open doors of engagement in our communities that help in our holistic development.

  • Goals:
    1. To educate oneself and transmit new learnings to our fellow children and youth.
    2. To unite us, children and youth in advocating our rights and capabilities.
    3. To empower us, children and youth to become functional members of society.

    After finalizing the vision, mission and goals, a Logo-Making Contest were also opened to all OHYM groups. 13 OHYM groups submitted their entries to join the contest. The winning logo will be used as the trademark of OHYM projects and its members. The winning logo was chosen from among various entries coming from different areas of operations of the Open Heart Foundation. Beneficiaries voted based on three criteria: relevance of the logo to the VMG, creativity, originality and general vote (choice of the beneficiaries as to logo appearance and its symbolism).

    The beneficiaries voted for the logo of their choice and the top three was voted upon by four Admin staff for the final ranking. The entries from Biñan City, Pangasinan and Romblon are the top three choices of the beneficiaries. After the judging of four OHF staff, the entry from Pangasinan is the 3rd place, entry from Biñan City is the 2nd place, and entry from Romblon is the 1st place and the official logo of OHYM.

    The winning entries received cash prizes: 1st Place PHP 10,000.00, 2nd Place PHP 7,500.00, 3rd Place PHP 5,000.00. The announcement of winners was officially made during the OHF 28th Anniversary on August 1, 2020.

    Article prepared by Saleah Joy Uclusin, RSW


  • OHF Annual Team Building cum Rest & Recreation

    Rest and recreation with team building activity is something that OHF staffs look forward to every year. This activity usually takes place after strategic/work and financial planning or after a big service event like medical mission or relief mission. And how does one prefer to relax? OHF staffs unanimously decided to go on a road trip to see other places that relaxes the mind and body after the taxing activity.

    On February 20, 2020 after the planning session in Baguio City, OHF staffs proceeded to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. The objective was for the staffs to relax and enjoy the sceneries they passed by and to know each other better during meals and while strolling around. With the addition of three new social workers to the OHF team, the group enjoyed each other’s company and learned how to fit in and welcomed the new ones.

    If there is a place up North that evokes curiosity and excitement for local and foreign tourists; Vigan is one you can find in the list. Vigan is a popular destination for those wanting to see the Philippines of yester years when our country was still under Spanish regime.

    Along the way to Vigan, Ilocos Sur, we passed by Candon, Ilocos Sur which is famous for its locally made pasalubong items like cornick of different flavors and other renowned products. The group also had a stop-over in Narvacan public market and bought some bagnet, a deep fried crispy pork belly dish that is similar to lechon kawali and originated from Ilocos.

    Finally, we arrived at our destination Vigan, at lunch time. We visited the St. Paul’s Cathedral (also known as Vigan Cathedral) and spent some time inside the church to give thanks and pray. The group soon crossed the Calle Crisologo (also known as Vigan Heritage Village) which is famous for its cobblestone streets, old houses and calesa.

    The staff took the liberty to stroll around the area and enjoyed the sights of old historical structures which was painstakingly preserved by the local government. We had picture-taking everywhere (selfie-groupie) for memorabilia and shopping of souvenir items, including delicacies that you can only find in Vigan.

    To sum it all, everyone enjoyed the whole day tour especially the food trip and picture taking as it was a great experience for all as a team. Hoping that someday, we could go back and enjoy once more each other’s company thru the activities we shared.

    Article prepared by Susie Bedia


    Outreach Activity for the Victims of Taal Volcanic Eruption

    Last January 12, 2020, news flashed on televisions, radios and in social media platforms about the sudden eruption of Taal Volcano in Batangas. Thousands of individuals, hundreds of families and lots of properties were affected by the disaster and evacuation centers were quickly prepared for the safety of the residents. Due to the sudden eruption of the volcano, many people were not prepared to bring their basic need like clothes, toiletries, food, water and other physiological needs.

    It is at this point when private organizations, government agencies and even good-hearted individuals extended a helping hand and reached out to the victims to give aid and provided some of the evacuees’ basic needs. The Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. (OHF) also did a quick response to the victims of volcanic eruption. On January 14, 2020, Tuesday, the OHF staff started the preparation of foods to be given to the victims of volcanic eruption.

    Last January 15, 2020, Wednesday, the OHF prepared 500 pcs of packed lunch, 500 bottles of purified water, face masks and 100 pcs sleeping mats good for 4 pax/piece. Staffs of the Foundation conducted a disaster relief operation in three evacuation centers in the City of Tanauan, Province of Batangas. The activity was in partnership with the Let’s Share Foundation-USA and Living Waters Church-USA and was coordinated with Tanauan City Vice Mayor Jun-Jun Trinidad.

    The Organizations firstly did a courtesy call at the Office of the Vice Mayor with the Councilors of Tanauan, Batangas. After the courtesy call, the organizations then proceed to the first Barangay which is the Barangay Pantay-Matanda wherein 222 individuals and 64 families were affected by the volcanic eruption. The second barangay was Barangay Pagaspas wherein 186 individuals and 49 families were affected. Lastly, the Barangay Sala wherein 227 individuals and 39 families were affected and were also reached to give aid.

    No help is ever too little. By giving simple aid to the victims made a big impact and gave hope to the community and to the affected residents of Tanauan, Batangas. The Open Heart Foundation sincerely prays for the welfare of the victims.

    Article prepared by Desiree Enriquez, RSW


    OHF Masquerade Christmas Party 2019

    Christmas is a time to be merry and office party is one of Open Heart Foundation’s (OHF) social enhancing opportunities to mingle casually with co-workers and with people we don’t see every day.

    OHF conducted its annual Christmas Party on December 19, 2019 which was held at the OHF main office in Fairview, Quezon City with a theme Masquerade Party.

    It was well-attended by OHF staff, board of trustee, ECCD teachers, invited guests, families and friends. The program was hosted by OHF’s newly hired registered social workers, Ms. Desiree Enriquez and Ms. Mariel Diaz.

    The occasion showcased individual artistic and creative inclinations thru the masquerade costumes, intermission numbers by clusters and offices, parlor games and prizes and raffle draws.

    There was also an exchange gift activity -something that could not be omitted during Christmas occasions like this. Ma’am Linda sponsored the raffle draws by giving away signatured accessories. She also sponsored the prizes for the best in intermission number.

    Somewhere between the merry-making, buffet lunch was served.

    The Executive Director, Ms. Linda Perez and Board of Trustee Ms. Marlyn Fernando also shared their messages of inspiration for everyone.

    The awarding of prizes for the winners was made before the end of the party.

    Article prepared by Susie Bedia


    Christmas Party of CYDP Manila Beneficiaries

    It has been a yearly practice to celebrate Christmas, whether it is at home, at work, school or even between friends. On December 14. 2019, Saturday, the beneficiaries under the Children and Youth Development Program (CYDP) of Manila area celebrated their Christmas Party which was held at Mabadan Compound in Malate, Manila.

    The celebration started with a prayer led by Triszha Buban, a Grade 5 Student. The children also showcased an intermission number performed by Ana Althea Almonte, Kevin Roy Arcilla, Trizsha Buban and Aidan Jerome Altre dancing in the beat of “Star ng Pasko” Christmas song.

    Games were also played where laughter and enjoyment filled the venue. The first game was facilitated by the parent of one of the beneficiaries, while the second and third games were facilitated by OHF Area Coordinators, Janette and Desiree. Raffles and prizes were also given to the children and parent monitors. Exchanging of gifts between the OHF Staff and children was also part of the program. The food was served for everyone and the celebration ended by a group photo.

    The Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. gives value to the spirit of Christmas as remembrance of what the Lord has done for everyone. That is why, the beneficiaries of CYDP Manila held a simple Christmas Party as a way of remembering this special occasion.

    Article prepared by Desiree Enriquez, RSW


    Open Heart’s Catarman Youth participates in the Municipal Youth Camp 2019

    • 1 Catarman2019
    • 2 Catarman2019
    • 1 Catarman2019
    • 2 Catarman2019

    Six youth beneficiaries of the Open Heart Foundation Worldwide, Inc. in Catarman, Northern Samar participated in the recently conducted Municipal Youth Camp 2019 of LGU Catarman. Sharing you is the short write-up made by Mr. Jhan Jhan Balleta, 1st year BS Information Technology student from University of Eastern Philippines.

    The Catarman Municipal Youth Camp 2019 theme is “Empowering the Youth in the pursuit of Development in the Municipality of Catarman, Northern Samar.” It was a two-day activity held at the Catarman Covered Court on October 24-25, 2019. The event centered on the participation of the youth from different villages or barangay and the SK or Sangguniang Kabataan in the municipality of Catarman. Our group, the Open Heart Foundation (OHF) youth was one of the invited youth organization, through our volunteer coordinator, Ms. Irmina Delorino of the MSWD Office.

    It started at 8:00 in the morning with the registration of the participants, a prayer and singing of the national anthem. Ms. Irmina Delorino gave her opening remarks while Hon. Francisco Rosales Jr. gave an inspirational message. Introduced to the participants were the AFP Northern Samar brigade who expressed their support to the youth development program of the municipality. The army group is consist of different profession and high rank officials. The first topic was an Orientation on Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction given by the MDRRMO (Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office). We learned the different types of hazard, warning signal and how it works, and some tips and ways to be prepared in terms of emergency. Also discussed are the roles of the youth in environmental protection.

    There was also the Gallery of Services for the Youth. Spearheaded by the MSWDO (Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office) and different agencies and organizations life PLAN International, PNP, DOLE, TESDA, MSWDO, PESO, MHO, MDRRMO and many others. It showed the mission, vision and objectives of each organization, their services and how youth can access it. In the afternoon, we played some games. The day’s activity ended by a candle lightning ritual headed by the Catholic bishop, where I was really overwhelmed.

    The second day started with socialization during breakfast. Then, there was a talk on HIV/AIDs, its effects and how to prevent it. The speaker who was a doctor from Catarman Hospital, also shared about emerging issues on HIV in Catarman. In the afternoon, the speaker who was a police official gave a brief orientation on “Kabataan Kontra sa Droga at Terorismo’ Program. He talked about drugs and what NPA and the communist party are. Also, the challenges of the municipal police station about the criminalities in our municipality, the involvement of the youth in various crimes and delinquency. Other topics discussed are current issues that concerns the youth, like ALS education for out-of-school youth, teenage pregnancy, and some tips on a healthy and productive living. The program ended with the distribution of Certificates.

    I gained new information and knowledge that I know I must not keep to myself alone but share to other youth like me. Also, disseminating the awareness to the youth and encouraging them to be involve in our community. The activity taught us how to be leaders and how we can create more leaders. The speakers shared the different aspects on how youth can be the agent of change, success and development in the community and society as a whole. It was a fruitful event that moved my heart to be the change agent in our own municipality.

    Article prepared by Janette Corollo, RSW


    Reaching out to children of former sugar cane farmers and hacienda workers in Western Visayas

    • 2 NegOcc
    • 1 NegOcc2019
    • 2 NegOcc
    • 1 NegOcc2019

    Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. (OHFWI) expanded its program in the Western Visayas region with the new partnership established with the City Social Welfare and Development Office in Sagay City and the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office in the municipality of Murcia in Negros Occidental last September 2019.

    Known as the ‘Sugarbowl of the Philippines’ as it produces more than half of the nation’s sugar output, Negros Occidental is the second most populous province in the Visayas after Cebu, based on the 2015 Census ( The wealth brought about by the sugar industry may have ensured that the Negrenses enjoy above-average standard of living, but such is only applicable for the land owners. Sugar cane farmers, the hacienda workers and their families remain in poverty, where education for their children is a rare opportunity.

    With the expansion of the Children and Youth Development Program (CYDP) of the Open Heart Foundation in Murcia and Sagay City, it opened opportunities for the children of sugar cane farmers and hacienda workers to finish their education to become employable and productive members of the society, as in line with the OHF’s thrust for its more than 27 years of existence.

    A total of 17 students from elementary to college are presently supported on their monthly allowances for the school year 2019-2020. OHF wishes to continue such support until they finish a degree in college, and later on help their families from the clutches of poverty.

    Article prepared by Janette Corollo, RSW