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The Greatest Joy in Life is Giving

Severe Tropical Storm Paeng (Nalgae) made its fourth landfall in Santa Cruz, Marinduque, at 8:40 am on Saturday, October 29. By 10 AM on Saturday, Paeng was already in the vicinity of Santa Cruz’s neighboring municipality, Mogpog, and many families got affected by the severe rainfall caused by flashfloods and landfalls.

The Open Heart Foundation did not miss the chance to grab this opportunity to help other people who are in need. One member of our Board of Trustees, Ms. Rovelita Bermejo who came from the area informed that one of the Barangays of Marinduque devastated by flash flood was Brgy. Nangka 1, Mogpog, Marinduque.

Last November 8, 2022, at 10: 00 in the morning before the monitoring visit at  Boac Marinduque, the Open Heart team went to Brgy. Nangka 1 Mogpoc, Marinduque to give simple relief goods to 100 families. The Executive Director shared her inspiring message that gave to strengthen the resolve of people affected by the calamity and move forward with hope. 

The goods were distributed orderly with the help of the Brgy. Kagawad Lorna O. Marciano, other officials of the Barangay and the OHF Team.

Prepared By: Maejorie U. Ortega, RSW, Program Area Coordinator 1

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Medical/Dental Missions in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in celebration of OHF’s 30th Founding Anniversary

The Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. celebrated its 30th Founding Anniversary this August 2022.  With the theme, ‘OHF’s 30th: Reliving the Bayanihan Spirit Amidst the Pandemic,’ Medical and Dental Missions were conducted in the three main groups of islands in the country: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. These missions were undertaken in partnership with the respective local government units in the three identified locations. 

For Luzon, it was held at Barangay Madatag, Kabugao, Apayao on August 11, 2022 benefitting 300 residents (150 adults and 150 children). Residents from Bgy Madatag and four other barangays were identified by the Health Workers of the Rural Health Unit as recipients of said services. Medical personnel from Apayao Provincial Hospital and Conner District Hospital, together with OHF volunteer physicians Dr. Daniel John Perez, Dr. Janica Caye Posadas, and Dr. Janela Aubrey Palce served as physicians during the missions.

For Visayas, the medical and dental mission was held at Barangay Blumentritt Murcia, Negros Occidental on September 8, 2022.  The Municipal Health Office, headed by Dr. Raymund Antonio Maguad served together with their medical team composed of 2 physicians, 15 nurses, and 4 midwives.  The Provincial Health Office thru Gov. Eugenio Jose Lacson and Dr. Ernell Tumimbang tapped six volunteer dentists and one dental aide. Three hundred recipients (150 adults and 150 children) from Barangay Blumentritt, the largest barangay in the municipality benefitted from the activity. 

For Mindanao, the service project took place in Barangay Magkalungay, an Indigenous People’s community in San Fernando Bukidnon on August 31, 2022.  A total of 200 residents (100 adults and 100 children) were the recipients of the medical mission.  The Provincial Health Office, headed by Dr. Maria Algerlina Edma served during the mission together with their rural and barangay health workers.

Local Government partners in the three areas provided medical and dental volunteers including transportation. Military armed men also accompanied the Open Heart team in San Fernando, Bukidnon to ensure their safety.  Free medical consultations and medicines were provided to those in need.  Dental services include free dental examinations, tooth extraction, and oral health education.  

The LGUs thanked the Open Heart Foundation for choosing their areas in the conduct of the medical and dental missions. These activities reflected the “BAYANIHAN spirit,  a ‘spirit of civic unity and cooperation among Filipinos.  The Open Heart Foundation worked closely with these government agencies/ offices in bringing basic health services to children and their families.

All for God’s glory.

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Monitoring Visit in Mati City, Davao Oriental

The Open Heart Foundation (OHF) conducted a monitoring visit in Mati City, Davao Oriental on August 24, 2022, spearheaded by the Executive Director, Ms. Linda Perez. With her team are Mr. Jerry Rosalejos, Mr. Mark Dapilaga and Ms. Susie Bedia.

The OHF team paid a courtesy call at the office of Ms. Mae Belle Fontillas, the City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) Office Head. OHF team and Ms. Mae Belle discussed the possibility of covering the partnership with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) so as to establish a strong partnership and promote collaborative and strategic engagement with them.  The team also provided a copy of the 2021 annual report and brochure for additional information that might be needed in drafting the MOU.

After the courtesy call, the OHF team met with the CYDP Mati beneficiaries. The objectives of the meeting were to get updates, discussed issues and concerns encountered by the scholars, congratulated the new graduates, and released their allowance. Ma’am Linda gave her words of advice and encouragement to everyone.  She challenged the graduates to work even harder because graduation is not the end but a beginning of another chapter in one’s life to become more responsible and more responsive to emerging needs.  One is to help their families when they find jobs and help support their siblings in their studies. Each graduate also expressed their gratitude to the Foundation for all the financial support and assistance they received since they became OHF beneficiaries.  Ms. April Rabillo, SWO3 of the CSWD office, also gave a message of support for the work of OHF for the youth of Mati City.  Distribution of allowances and graduation fees followed after all the meeting agenda.  The beneficiaries also received their pairs of shoes from the donation of Vans Philippines.  The group enjoyed a sumptuous lunch while having tete-a-tete with their seatmates and fellow beneficiaries.

The next item on the team’s itinerary was to interview applicants at the Mati National Comprehensive High School for a new batch of beneficiaries who will be awarded with educational sponsorship.  This is to fill in the remaining slots reserved for the area.  The team was assisted by the School Principal, Ms. Alicia Astronomo.  13 applicants were interviewed and deliberation will be done at the Fairview office back in Manila.

The team completed the entire lineup of activities and everyone was grateful to all the people who helped to accomplish the planned activities.

Prepared by: Jesusa Bedia, Admin Officer/OIC Mati City

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Monitoring Visit in Kabugao, Apayao

On August 11, 2022, the monitoring visit to the Children and Youth Development Program (CYDP) Beneficiaries of Kabugao, Apayao was conducted. Five out of six scholars were able to attend. A scholar was represented by her mother as she was sick at the time of the visit.

During the activity, the Program Area Coordinator assigned in the area congratulated five CYDP Scholars who graduated and finished their respective courses with determination and persistence. They were also given advice as to what to expect as they enter a new chapter of their life– being part of the workforce.

In her message, OHFWI Board of Trustees Member, Marlyn Fernando, also congratulated CYDP graduates of batch 2022. To conclude the activity, Executive Director Linda Perez posted a challenge to the newly graduates. According to her, she hopes that this batch of CYDP graduates pays forward the assistance they got from the organization by helping their younger siblings so that they can also have a good career in the future.

Prepared by: Jay Frank Diaz, RSW, Program Area Coordinator 1

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Monitoring Visit in Enrile, Cagayan

On August 10, 2022, we took the opportunity to visit Enrile Cagayan and meet the 8 CYDP Beneficiaries 6 of them are newly graduates, on our way to a Medical/Dental Mission in Apayao.

The purpose of the Activity was not only to give the allowances and shoes but also to gather students’ evaluations for the School Year 2021-2022. Knowing which aspects, we need to improve and continue is always helpful.

The Activity started at exactly 2:30 in the afternoon, Ms. Erlinda Apostol and the Vice Mayor of Enrile warmly welcomed the OHF team. A short game called “Stinger” was introduced later on. The participants evaluated what they learned and observed. One Shared that we must always be careful in trusting anyone.

The Program Area Coordinator shared her analysis of the moral lesson of the game. One must be careful in choosing one’s circle of friends, second, we must be vigilant in finding what/who’s the network we can affiliate with that fit us or challenged us.

After the game, the 6 new graduates shared their experiences from where they started and how they finished their 4 years in College and also expressed their gratitude for the help of the foundation. After them, 2 remaining CYDP Beneficiaries at Enrile also shared their thoughts, goals, and gratitude to the foundation.

After the activity, OHF Team distributed the shoes that were donated by Vans and their Last Allowance for this School Year 2021-2022.

Ms. Rosalinda T. Perez, the Executive Director of the Open Heart Foundation cited that she wishes all the scholars to become successful someday, finish their studies and find decent jobs so that they may be able to help their families in the future. That was the goal of the Open Heart Foundation, to help one student in a family and that scholar will alleviate her family from the clutches of poverty. They must pay it forward to their siblings and other family members. To the graduating batch, she challenged them to strive further, because finishing their college education is just the beginning of their life’s journey. They are expected to lead their communities in the future. And also, one of the board trustees Secretary Marlyn Fernando shares her motivational message to all the CYDP Beneficiaries.

Prepared by: Maejorie U. Ortega, RSW, Program Area Coordinator 1

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Anniversary Celebration cum Outreach 2019

As part of the anniversary celebration, Open Heart Foundation (OHF) conducted an outreach cum psychosocial activities for children.

It was held on August 15, 2019 at Saclag Settlement, San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro. It was attended by OHF staff, board of trustees, volunteers and ECCD cluster coordinators.

Beneficiaries of the outreach activity were 150 children from daycare, kindergarten and grade 1 pupils for the psychosocial activities, fun games and prizes; and 150 families who received gift packs.

The team travelled five hours to reach the venue. When they arrived in San Teodoro, they immediately headed to the venue and conducted the outreach activity.

The team were divided into two groups; one group who organized the re-packing of grocery items and another group who conducted the psychosocial activity for children.

As one group busy on the repacking, the children’s group are enjoying the psychosocial activity cum play prepared by the staff. The children became more excited because each set of game has corresponding prizes. Prizes composed of cookies, cupcakes, toys and school supplies.

Even though the long travel, preparation and parlor games were tiring, it is not visible to the team because their hearts were filled with joy seeing the gratefulness displayed not only by the children who played with them but also by the adults who received the gift packs. This kind of happiness which money can’t buy -the joy of giving sacrifices and extending help for others.

Article prepared by Susie Bedia


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OHF 3rd Bowling Tournament 2019

To improve health and well-being and to boost employee engagement, the Open Heart Foundation conducted its annual bowling tournament.

In 2019, OHF was on its 3rd year in conducting this activity. The tournament had four teams composed of five team members from staff, ECCD teachers, volunteers and guests.

  • Team Blue Bird: Rosalinda Perez, Davilyn Fajardo, Farisa Baniaga, Dinaflor Basal, John Perez
  • Team Tweety Bird: Jerry Rosalejos, Abner Garote, Marivic Lucion, Mark Ben Dapilaga, Hanna Laganzon
  • Team Angry Bird: Nemencio Maloles, Jesusa Bedia, Jerry Tudtud, Criselda Talinga, Earl Castasus
  • Team Thunder Bird: Visimar Mimay, Cheryl Ocampo, Saleah Joy Uclusin, Miriam Molina, Jorem CagampanThe tournament was held at Puyat Bowling Lane, Ever Gotesco Mall, Commonwealth on March 14, May 9, July 3 and July 26.

    The Awarding of winners was held during Open Heart Foundation’s anniversary celebration on August 3, 2019 at Alex III Restaurant, West Fairview, Quezon City. The awarding was headed by the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees. Open Heart prepared cash prizes and trophies for the winners.

  • Best in Uniform: Team Blue Bird
  • 2nd Runner Up–Male Division: Jerry Rosalejos
  • 1st Runner Up–Male Division: Mark Ben Dapilaga
  • MVP–Male Division: Nemencio Maloles
  • 2nd Runner Up–Female Division: Jesusa Bedia
  • 1st Runner Up–Female Division: Criselda Talinga
  • MVP–Female Division: Rosalinda Perez
  • 3rd Runner Up–Team Division: Team Thunder Bird
  • 2nd Runner Up–Team Division: Team Angry Bird
  • 1st Runner Up–Team Division: Team Blue Bird
  • Team Champion: Team Tweety BirdArticle prepared by Susie Bedia


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OHF 27th Founding Anniversary Celebration

To recognize the hard work of the workforce and all the people behind the success in the implementation of the vision, mission and goals of the Foundation, Open Heart Foundation (OHF) celebrated its 27th Founding Anniversary and in commemoration of the 19th Death Anniversary of its founder, Mr. Robert LeGore.

The celebration was held on August 3, 2019 at Alex III Restaurant, West Fairview, Quezon City with a thanksgiving mass, a short program and lunch.

It was attended by OHF staff, Executive Director (ED), Board of Trustee (BOT), ECCD teachers, volunteers, two German interns and invited guests. Mr. Rick Rey, one of OHF benefactors, also participated in the celebration.

The thanksgiving mass was officiated by a Priest from Good Shepherd Church in Quezon City.

After the thanksgiving mass, the ECCD teachers showcased a dance number. In between of the program, Ms. Saleah an OHF registered social worker offered a song number followed by Mr. Ginno Dizon with a couple of old songs which enjoyed by the audience. While Ginno was singing, the staff, ED, teachers and guests went on stage and dance.

To give some words of encouragement, Ms. Lilet Bermejo-OHF Vice Chairman of the Board, Ms. Linda Perez-OHF Executive Director, and Mr. Rick Rey-OHF Benefactor gave their messages of inspiration. Their words were about the expansion and promotion of OHF’s services to children and communities it serves. They also gave commendations to the workforce of the Foundation.

Sumptuous buffet lunch was served to everyone. While eating, the group took advantage of the time for fun and conversation. Enough time for such an opportunity.

After the sumptuous lunch, the group advanced to awarding. The ED and BOT awarded the Child Development Centers (CDC) who celebrated their years of partnership with OHF.
* Gospel Remnant CDC – OHF Partner since 2003
* Guardian Angel CDC – OHF Partner since 1997
* Libis CDC – OHF Partner since 1999
* Mabadan CDC – OHF Partner since 1999

OHF provided classroom equipment as reward to the center-awardees which they could use in their day care centers. Awarding of bowling winners followed wherein OHF prepared cash prizes and trophies for the winners. And of course, groupie will not be absent after every activity.

Congratulations to Open Heart Foundation and More Power!

Article prepared by Susie Bedia


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Program Expansion in Eastern Visayas

Open Heart Foundation Worldwide, Inc. extends its services in Catarman, Northern Samar through partnership with its Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. This expansion is part of the foundation’s move in helping to alleviate poverty in the Philippines as Northern Samar is one of the poorest provinces. Believing that education is a powerful tool to overcome poverty, Open Heart Foundation open its services through the Children and Youth Development Program (CYDP) by giving educational assistance to incoming college students this school year 2019 – 2020.

Part of the visit in the area was monitoring the CYDP beneficiaries in neighboring municipalities like Lavezares in Northern Samar and Bulusan in Sorsogon.

Article prepared by Saleah Joy Uclusin, RSW


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Romblon Monitoring Visit 2019

The Open Heart Foundation Worldwide, Inc. (OHFWI) conducts its regular monitoring in Sibuyan Romblon last April 10 – 11, 2019 now with, our partner and benefactor Rick and Mely Rey Foundation (RMRF) and together with two of our board members. Through the generosity of our benefactor, OHFWI opens 30 new slots for the deserving students who will enter college. The slots opened to the students of Romblon State University – San Fernando Campus and Lumbang East National High School. A total of 37 students will be supported in their college studies through Children and Youth Development Program.

Another highlight of the visit is the turnover of the donation to Lumbang East National High School. Rick and Mely Rey Foundation donated a cash for the completion of the school’s building that will accommodate senior high school students. Lumbang National High School is located in the middle of the mountains which caters hundreds of students so that they will no longer go to the municipality centre for their schooling. As Ms. Repiso, Principal of Lumbang East National High School, said that RMRF’s donation that was coursed through OHFWI is one of the great moves in the completion of their school project.

Article prepared by: Saleah Joy Uclusin, RSW