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Anniversary Celebration cum Outreach 2019

As part of the anniversary celebration, Open Heart Foundation (OHF) conducted an outreach cum psychosocial activities for children.

It was held on August 15, 2019 at Saclag Settlement, San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro. It was attended by OHF staff, board of trustees, volunteers and ECCD cluster coordinators.

Beneficiaries of the outreach activity were 150 children from daycare, kindergarten and grade 1 pupils for the psychosocial activities, fun games and prizes; and 150 families who received gift packs.

The team travelled five hours to reach the venue. When they arrived in San Teodoro, they immediately headed to the venue and conducted the outreach activity.

The team were divided into two groups; one group who organized the re-packing of grocery items and another group who conducted the psychosocial activity for children.

As one group busy on the repacking, the children’s group are enjoying the psychosocial activity cum play prepared by the staff. The children became more excited because each set of game has corresponding prizes. Prizes composed of cookies, cupcakes, toys and school supplies.

Even though the long travel, preparation and parlor games were tiring, it is not visible to the team because their hearts were filled with joy seeing the gratefulness displayed not only by the children who played with them but also by the adults who received the gift packs. This kind of happiness which money can’t buy -the joy of giving sacrifices and extending help for others.

Article prepared by Susie Bedia


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OHF 3rd Bowling Tournament 2019

To improve health and well-being and to boost employee engagement, the Open Heart Foundation conducted its annual bowling tournament.

In 2019, OHF was on its 3rd year in conducting this activity. The tournament had four teams composed of five team members from staff, ECCD teachers, volunteers and guests.

  • Team Blue Bird: Rosalinda Perez, Davilyn Fajardo, Farisa Baniaga, Dinaflor Basal, John Perez
  • Team Tweety Bird: Jerry Rosalejos, Abner Garote, Marivic Lucion, Mark Ben Dapilaga, Hanna Laganzon
  • Team Angry Bird: Nemencio Maloles, Jesusa Bedia, Jerry Tudtud, Criselda Talinga, Earl Castasus
  • Team Thunder Bird: Visimar Mimay, Cheryl Ocampo, Saleah Joy Uclusin, Miriam Molina, Jorem CagampanThe tournament was held at Puyat Bowling Lane, Ever Gotesco Mall, Commonwealth on March 14, May 9, July 3 and July 26.

    The Awarding of winners was held during Open Heart Foundation’s anniversary celebration on August 3, 2019 at Alex III Restaurant, West Fairview, Quezon City. The awarding was headed by the Executive Director and the Board of Trustees. Open Heart prepared cash prizes and trophies for the winners.

  • Best in Uniform: Team Blue Bird
  • 2nd Runner Up–Male Division: Jerry Rosalejos
  • 1st Runner Up–Male Division: Mark Ben Dapilaga
  • MVP–Male Division: Nemencio Maloles
  • 2nd Runner Up–Female Division: Jesusa Bedia
  • 1st Runner Up–Female Division: Criselda Talinga
  • MVP–Female Division: Rosalinda Perez
  • 3rd Runner Up–Team Division: Team Thunder Bird
  • 2nd Runner Up–Team Division: Team Angry Bird
  • 1st Runner Up–Team Division: Team Blue Bird
  • Team Champion: Team Tweety BirdArticle prepared by Susie Bedia


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OHF 27th Founding Anniversary Celebration

To recognize the hard work of the workforce and all the people behind the success in the implementation of the vision, mission and goals of the Foundation, Open Heart Foundation (OHF) celebrated its 27th Founding Anniversary and in commemoration of the 19th Death Anniversary of its founder, Mr. Robert LeGore.

The celebration was held on August 3, 2019 at Alex III Restaurant, West Fairview, Quezon City with a thanksgiving mass, a short program and lunch.

It was attended by OHF staff, Executive Director (ED), Board of Trustee (BOT), ECCD teachers, volunteers, two German interns and invited guests. Mr. Rick Rey, one of OHF benefactors, also participated in the celebration.

The thanksgiving mass was officiated by a Priest from Good Shepherd Church in Quezon City.

After the thanksgiving mass, the ECCD teachers showcased a dance number. In between of the program, Ms. Saleah an OHF registered social worker offered a song number followed by Mr. Ginno Dizon with a couple of old songs which enjoyed by the audience. While Ginno was singing, the staff, ED, teachers and guests went on stage and dance.

To give some words of encouragement, Ms. Lilet Bermejo-OHF Vice Chairman of the Board, Ms. Linda Perez-OHF Executive Director, and Mr. Rick Rey-OHF Benefactor gave their messages of inspiration. Their words were about the expansion and promotion of OHF’s services to children and communities it serves. They also gave commendations to the workforce of the Foundation.

Sumptuous buffet lunch was served to everyone. While eating, the group took advantage of the time for fun and conversation. Enough time for such an opportunity.

After the sumptuous lunch, the group advanced to awarding. The ED and BOT awarded the Child Development Centers (CDC) who celebrated their years of partnership with OHF.
* Gospel Remnant CDC – OHF Partner since 2003
* Guardian Angel CDC – OHF Partner since 1997
* Libis CDC – OHF Partner since 1999
* Mabadan CDC – OHF Partner since 1999

OHF provided classroom equipment as reward to the center-awardees which they could use in their day care centers. Awarding of bowling winners followed wherein OHF prepared cash prizes and trophies for the winners. And of course, groupie will not be absent after every activity.

Congratulations to Open Heart Foundation and More Power!

Article prepared by Susie Bedia


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Coastal Clean Up in Romblon

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Ocean provides us lot of things. It is vast, wide, and deep that nurture different kind of living things. Its beauty captivated our naked eyes. Therefore, it needs care, love and protection to make it clean and beautiful up to the next generation.

Last October 18, 2018, the Open Heart Youth Movement in Romblon conducted an activity held at Pantalan of Poblacion, San Fernando, Romblon. This activity was coastal clean-up. We heard the cry of nature that it needs us to protect, love, and care. To show our love to our mother nature we conducted this activity. This was a small activity with the purpose of awakening youths and the people nearby the coastal area that even a simple way of cleaning the seashore makes a big impact to the nature. Cleaning plastics and plastic containers along the shore will help and rescue the sea to make it hospitable for the creatures living in it. There are news that endangered species of sharks and whales die because of plastics they accidentally swallowed from the sea.

The Open Heart Youth Movement – Romblon started the clean-up at 7:00 in the morning. We gathered garbage like plastic cans, tin cans, plastic cups, plastic bags, dried leaves, and etc. we put it in sacks and segregated for disposal. The clean-up ended at around 11:00 in the morning. As we finished the activity, we feel very happy and fulfilled seeing the clean seashore and realizing that in the simple way we already helped our environment.

A simple move makes a big impact if you have a team that helps and supports you all the time.


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Summer Camp 2018

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Open Heart Foundation Children and Youth Movement (OHF CYDP) Officers of Binan, Laguna, Manila, and Quezon City had a brainstorming about the first ever summer camp that will gather all the beneficiaries and staff of different areas to have fun and make new learnings. The officers together with Social Worker Ms. Visimar Mimay and Ms. Saleah Uclusin planned and think about what will be the objective, theme, location, date and activities of the upcoming summer camp.

The Summer Camp 2018 with a theme “WERPA: We are Empowered, Resilient, Purposeful and Assertive” Youth Leaders was held at Jabez Camp Site in Dasmarinas, Cavite on April 21-23, 2017 was joined by beneficiaries and staffs.

The first day activity was assigned to Wowie Mapakit and Crystal Timbal the Youth Facilitators assigned to assists the campers about the activities that will be having for the day. The campers was divided into 6 groups named by colors which are group yellow, peach, green, violet, blue, and orange that will be the groups to be together in the tents and activities designated to them, they are grouped by the staffs and recognized together with their facilitators. Wowie Mapakit for group yellow, Joshua Sipat for group blue, Angelou Corales for group green, Crystal Timbal for group violet, Ruzzel Camposano for group peach, and Sheila Savellano for group orange. They will be the leaders of the group as well as the facilitators of the activities of the camp.

Each group should come up with a name and make a flag that represents their group that will be presented to the staffs and campers. After the activity on the first day, the group leaders and members get the food that they will cook for their dinner. Before the day will end, youth facilitators conducted an activity to get to know their members and to have a bonding for the rest of the camp, each members will pick a paper that has a pictures of things that they think represents them and will be discussed within the group.

The highlight of the camp was the second day because the activities was extreme for the campers which is facilitated by Ruzzel Camposano and Angelou Corrales; at exactly 6:00AM the campers get ready by cooking their breakfast and participating on the Zumba that were prepared by the youth facilitators. The campers was engaged to different obstacles with their groups to learn how to work with others and have a strong stamina to surpass any trials that they will face. Lastly, the campers get the chance to enjoy and have fun in the swimming pool after the activity. At night, we set a bonfire to end the day with some sharing of experiences and learnings of the campers for the activities that has done, they are given papers to write their thoughts and things that they wanted to get rid of themselves by burning them.

The last day activity was facilitated by Sheila Savellano and Joshua Sipat, it was the giving of certificates for the winners of the games and recognition for those who excel in different areas of the activities in the camp.

Article by: Sheilamae Savellano, CYDP QC Beneficiary


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Medical Mission 2018

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Let’s Share Foundation (LSF) is a partner agency of Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. (OHFWI) from Pennsylvania, USA in providing services to the people.  Together with Living Waters Church (LWC), they collaborated with OHFWI in the conduct of psychosocial activities for children, Buntis Lecture and Pneumococcal Vaccination, which happened on January 24, and 25, 2018.

Psychosocial activities were conducted in the Reception and Study Center for Children (RSCC) and Kapalaran Disciples Child Development Center, Payatas Quezon City.  The volunteers from LWC shared the story of a Good Samaritan to the children to emphasize being a good neighbor to others.  They also played fun games with the children and gave away loot bags to hype up their excitement.  As response to the generosity of the volunteers, the children presented singing and dancing performances.

Buntis Lecture was conducted to 50 pregnant women in Barangay North Fairview in the afternoon of January 24, 2018 to promote a healthy journey in their pregnancy and empower them as mothers.  Ms. Sonia Lagario, a midwife officer from health center, gave a lecture about the First 1000 days of pregnancy while Dra. Nicole Dacanay, an OB volunteer from LSF, gave a glimpse about pre-natal and post-natal care and addressed the concerns of the mothers in regards to their pregnancy.  The local health center of barangay North Fairview gave a free HIV and Urine testing to the pregnant women.  Loot bags were also given to pregnant women from LWC.

After the successful activities in Manila, volunteers from LWC, LSF and OHFWI proceeded to La Trinidad, Benguet province to administer 100 pneumo-vaccinations to individuals identified by the local health unit.

A day after La Trinidad, LWC and LSF went to Tagudin, Ilocos Sur to undertake another vaccination mission and conducted psychosocial activities for children.

The purpose of the vaccination is to augment the government initiatives in providing health care services to the Filipino people. It is given to individuals who could not afford to take these vaccines from private clinics or hospital.

Article by:  Saleah Uclusin, CYDP Area Coordinator


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C2C: National Agenda Setting and Advocacy Planning

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Children Talk to Children is a child led coalition of 20 organizations, represented by a Project Team. It monitors the implementation of United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child through making a report base on the situation of children here in our country and by participating in government policy lobbying and program planning.

Two of the beneficiaries of Open Heart Foundation namely Joshua and Crystal Joanne are active Project Team member of Children Talk to Children. Last November 3-5, 2017, Children Talk to Children organized National Agenda Setting and Advocacy Planning at Ciudad Christhia Resort, San Mateo, Rizal. They consolidated the C2C Children’s Report to be submitted to the United Nation’s Committee on the Rights of the Child, by identifying emerging issues of children here in the Philippines, the positive and negative impacts of the government’s legislations, and by formulating recommendations for the improvement of children’s situation here in Philippines.

Their representation provide them opportunities and experiences that raises the voice of children in the Philippines, making them responsible, self-directed, creative and productive members of our society.

Article by: Saleah Joy Uclusin, RSW


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Safeguarding the Children’s Rights

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Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. is one of the NGOs actively promoting and monitoring the implementation of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (UN CRC) through its different programs. As part of advocating UN CRC, Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. also participates in different consultations to review the status of children’s rights here in our country, Philippines.

On October 26-29, 2017, the Civil Society Coalition on the Convention on the Rights of the Child Inc. (CRC Coalition) conducted a Luzon Island wide consultation to CSOs and Children at Sequoia Hotel, Quezon City in preparation for the Alternative Report to be submitted to United Nation’s Committee on the Rights of the Child. The Alternative Report is passed after the State has reported to the Committee on the Rights of the Child. It highlights good practices, identify gaps and underline challenges in the implementation of legislation, programs and policies in connection to UN CRC, and can provide information that is not included in the State report, such as information that they feel is missing but would be important for the Committee to know about.

Crystal Joanne is a beneficiary of Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. and a member of Children Talk to Children (C2C) Project Team facilitated the consultation with children from different NGO here in Luzon. Other four CYDP Beneficiaries from Quezon City, namely Joshua, Anna, Jeanne, and Jeremy also participated in the said consultation.

Article by: Saleah Joy Uclusin, RSW


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Fun Games for children victims of fire in Malate

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The weather was fair and good when Open Heart Foundation conducted a fun day with the children-victims of fire in Malate, Manila on October 21, 2017.

This activity was planned by the Open Heart Youth Movement after they heard about the fire and learned that some of their fellow beneficiaries and other children in the community were affected. They discussed how they could extend help to those affected. After several brainstorming, the group came up with a decision to conduct fun games for children. This is timely learning for them when the Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary to conduct psycho-social activity for the victims in order to ease the stress/fear that they experienced.

Each area from Binan, Manila and Quezon City were all represented by their respective officers. There where 30 chosen children who joined in the activity.

A short orientation on the purpose of the activity was facilitated by the youth leader from Binan. Games followed which was facilitated by the different officers of the youth movement. The volunteers from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde who were there for their NSTP were also present and joined in the games.

Everyone who witnessed the activity really had fun. Winners in the different games had prizes which made them happy. Foods were also served. Children showed priceless smiles on their lips and could not hide the happiness and excitement they felt. After the activity, each one willingly waited for their gift packs.

It was tiring but very fulfilling activity. Sharing is indeed showing that we care.

Thank you Open Heart Youth Movement! Way to go! Thank you to Open Heart Foundation! For supporting this endeavor of the OHF Youth Movement. Thank you Commander Group of Companies for sharing your blessing to these wonderful children.

Article by: Visimar Mimay, RSW, CYDP Program Manager


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Community Outreach for Malate Fire Victims

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Last August 18, 2017, a huge fire went ablaze in Barangay 704, Malate, Manila; a community where some of the beneficiaries of the Open Heart Foundation reside. A heartbreaking scenario for all those affected! No words could express how they felt since all their belongings turned into ashes.

Based on the data from the barangay, there were 102 legal owners whose houses were burnt, 385 families and nine hundred 900 individuals affected.

The Open Heart Foundation staff immediately responded by visiting the place and extended support; both morally and financially to its beneficiaries.

People take longer time to recover from this kind of disaster; hence, the Foundation did not cease to seek help from other organizations. With the Foundation’s strong partnership with De La Salle College of St. Benilde-Center for Social Action through Benildean Operation Sagip, we were able to extend help to the victims of this calamity. One hundred families were identified and received three different packs which include rice, canned goods and hygiene kit. Usable clothes were also given. The distribution of goods transpired at Bahay Bulilit beside the 704 Barangay Hall. Present during the distribution were the National Service Training Program (NSTP) students/volunteers of DLS-CSB. Barangay officials were, likewise, present to witness the distribution.

Kudos to the Open Heart Youth Movement officers who also extended their help! To all the staff present… thank you! The presence of our Executive Director, Ms. Rosalinda T. Perez, is highly appreciated. We hank you for setting a good mark to inspire us more to extend our effort and time unconditionally.

God Bless Open Heart Foundation!

God Bless De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde.

Article by: Visimar Mimay, RSW, CYDP Program Manager