OHF Office Disinfection: Reducing Risk of Virus Spread

A proactive move during pandemic like office disinfection can reduce the risk of exposure to the Covid 19 virus which is believed to land on surfaces. People gets infected if they touch those surfaces and then touch their noses, mouths or eyes. The emergence of the Delta variant which is feared to be more contagious makes us all careful and resourceful in finding ways to be rid of the virus in our surroundings.

Consequently, Open Heart Foundation (OHF) resorted to an office disinfection cum deep cleaning to a microscopic level to ensure safety of personnel and clients coming in and out of the office.  The disinfection scheduled August 26, 2021.  A private disinfection team utilized a 6-Advance Disinfecting Bundle that leaves to an almost zero possibility for infection and microbes to exist in the vicinity.  The bundle includes Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) monitoring, Spraying, Misting, Wiping, Ultraviolet (UV-C), and Air Purification.  OHF staff Mark and Tatet, assisted in the office disinfection.  After a few hours of process, the team achieved the desired result using a monitoring tester.

As much as possible, every employee wishes to have a comfortable and safe workplace.  And there is a lot of work that we all need to consider in order to adapt to our new normal.  Also, we can only achieve this by helping in maintaining cleanliness, hygiene and strict monitoring of minimum public health standards.

Prepared by: Susie Bedia, Admin Officer


Open Heart at 29th

A year has passed since the pandemic has challenged us all globally. But this did not deter Open Heart Foundation (OHF) to pursue its mission of serving children beneficiaries all over the Philippines.

Likewise, the challenges encountered did not deter our resolve to celebrate a momentous occasion; the 29th foundation anniversary of Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc., as well as the commemoration of the 21st death anniversary of the generous founder, Atty. Robert LeGore.

Due to mobility limitations imposed by the Inter Agency Task Force that is in-charge in managing the COVID-19 pandemic, the founding anniversary celebration was held through a virtual gathering via Zoom and Facebook Live led by OHF staffs on August 5, 2021.

The program began by honoring the life of Robert LeGore which he selflessly shared with the beneficiaries especially the children and youth. This was followed by a short but very touching welcome message from our Executive Director, Ms. Rosalinda Perez. She delivered a brief introduction about the occasion, welcomed the attendees from the group of the Board of Trustees, the staffs, ECCD teachers, network partners and beneficiaries. She also personally thanked and acknowledged the hardwork of the OHF workforce in delivering programs and services of the Foundation. She also honored the memories of the pillars of OHF; Nory Tabios, the first Executive Director and Robert LeGore-the Founder, both of whom worked very hard and provided guidance in realizing the vision and mission of the Foundation.

After the opening preliminaries, it was followed by a Thanksgiving Mass which was officiated by Rev. Fr. Harvey Bagos of Good Shepherd Church. In his homily, he challenged the Foundation to wholeheartedly continue the legacy of the Founder and to continue its well-established identity which is to improve the welfare of the disadvantaged. He also wished the Foundation to reach the farthest corners of the country to help those most in need.

After the mass, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Carol Encarnacion-Dacanay, took the opportunity to deliver her message and greet all those who are present at the virtual gathering. She congratulated the staff for another good year of work and service. She also expressed that it has been a pleasure working with the OHF family and she looks forward to more years ahead.

In closing, everyone gestured their own version of heart sign which symbolizes commitment, compassion and selfless dedication for the advancement of OHF programs and services and for the empowerment of children and youth.

Indeed, another year is added that forms part of the history of the Foundation. We are so grateful to all the people who have joined us in this significant day. The celebration will never be successful without their presence which signifies that they are one with OHF in its advocacies.

May the Lord bless us and guide us in rendering services to children and youth throughout the Philippines.

Prepared by: Susie Bedia, Admin Officer

Capacity Building

Voter’s Education

The right to vote is exercised by all citizens of the Philippines who are at least 18 years of age and not otherwise disqualified by law. Most of the college beneficiaries of Open Heart Foundation belong to this age-bracket; thus, the Foundation conducted and facilitated an online webinar on Voter’s Education last 30th of July 2021.

The webinar discussed various topics on the qualification of voters, registration process and where to register. All beneficiaries who are qualified to vote were advised to cast their votes come election day in May 2022. Those who are first timers were encouraged to register early so they could exercise their right as provided for in the Constitution.

Choosing right candidates with good track record, value honesty and integrity and those  who have the heart to serve Filipinos shall be on the list. 

 “Sharing the essence of voter’s registration to enable every qualified Filipino Citizen to use their power this upcoming 2022 National and Local elections to make a positive change and choose only the rightful and competent Leaders” – Atty. Ronald “Atty. Boom” Santiago.



*Voter’s certification

*Health Protocols

*Reminders during election

Qualifications of Voters:

Filipino Citizen

At least 18 years of age on election day (May 09, 2022)

Resident in the Philippines for at least 1 year prior to election day (Domicile; permanent residency)

Resided in place wherein propose to vote for at least 6 months prior to election day (permanent or temporary)

Free from Disqualifications

In order to vote, must be a Registered Voter

Voters Deactivation:

Disqualified to vote

Failed to Vote in 2 preceding elections

Registration Excluded by the Court

Loss of Filipino Citizenship

Failure to validate biometrics

When to Register:

Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm (including holiday)

Where to Register:

Office of the Election Officer in the place having jurisdiction where you intend to register and vote

Reception of application shall be from January 20,2020 to September 30,2021

COMELEC Resolution No.10635, Promulgated: 10 January 2020

All information was basic but important to know. Let us cast our vote on May 09,2022!

Prepared by: Davilyn Fajardo, Program Area Coordinator 1

Capacity Building

OHFWI 3rd NPAC Cavite Cluster

On June 19th, the Children Talk to Children Coalition (C2C) launched the re-echoing activity of its organization about the 3rd National Plan of Action for Children (NPAC) which focused on informing the youth members regarding the national plan made for children in the Philippines. The webinar was open for different child-led organizations, their members, parents, and other concerned parties that accommodated around 200 participants in the Zoom meeting conference. During the webinar, the former delegates of C2C called young people (YP) discussed the plan for the new members of the coalition. The children and parents shared their opinions, insights and learning before the session ended.

Mr. Orly Gallano of SM-ZOTO, C2C Project Team, C2C Adult Support Team and child-led organizations in the Cavite cluster joined hands to successfully spearhead the event. Youth speakers from OHYM, VIDES, AKKAP and AYM were chosen beforehand to discuss the plan for the children.

The webinar was led by Ms. Crystal Timbal from Open Heart Youth Movement together with her fellow youth speakers Ms. Jeanne Manegkad (OHYM), Mr. Angelo Alisna (VIDES), Mr. Roberto Vetonio (AKKAP) and Mr. Macoy Castro (AYM) who were former youth representatives for C2C Coalition. Each speaker shared their thoughts regarding the contents of the plan and made the discussion child-friendly by citing simple related information.  The webinar mainly deliberated about the importance of child rights and the movements implemented by the government as well as other concerned organizations to continuously make the plan meet reality.  The webinar was, indeed, fruitful as the child participants clearly understood how essential their rights can be and as they were empowered to spread their learning to help other children.

Prepared by: Davilyn Fajardo, Program Area Coordinator 1



To raise environmental awareness in our community and to secure a clean, conducive and healthy lifestyle for the youth, the Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) Bulusan volunteered a day of cleanup drive in Brgy. Dapdap, Bulusan, Sorsogon on June 5, 2021.

This initiative is also to support the project taken by the Sangguniang Kabataan in the said barangay entitled “One Day Cleanup Drive and Healthy Lifestyle to Youth Amidst COVID-19”.  This project is developed so that everyone can work together in promoting a clean environment and implementing COVID preventive measures to ensure that its citizens stay in a clean and safe environment.  

To start with, the volunteers gathered in the Barangay Hall of Dapdap, early morning of the said date.  Of course, there is a serious virus out there so cleanups should be done in harmony with the latest health protocols against COVID like wearing face mask, physical distancing and frequent hand washing.  The group also had a warm up first to make sure that our bodies are conditioned for the activity.

At least 75 youth participated in the cleanup drive. Among the activities done were the cleaning of streets and riverbanks, clearing drainage, disposing non biodegradables such as cans, bottles and plastics.  Sacks of rubbish were collected and dumped them in the right place.

The participation of the OHYM Bulusan has been meaningful because we know that in our own little way, through such activities, we make a significant contribution to this goal… a better environment for all.

To God be the glory!

Prepared by: Jennifer Bugaring, OHYM Bulusan Beneficiary



The continuous surge of the COVID-19 infection from the time it was declared to be a global pandemic in March 2020 has devastated lives of most Filipinos. Death of loved-ones, stoppage of businesses and livelihood opportunities, unemployment and social isolation all contributed to negative emotions, thus causing the emergence of fear, anxiety and stress that affected the mental health of Filipinos. We were all advised to follow certain protocols and practices and adopt to the “new normal”.

For more than a year now, we are still in this state of uncertainty. The arrival of COVID-19 vaccines has not ebbed our fears and anxiety. Mental health issues evolved into serious ones that needed intervention from professionals and from the experts in the field.

The Open Heart Foundation was made aware of the situation which also affected most families of its beneficiaries, partners in service and other child-service providers. It is for this reason that on May 29 and June 5, 2021 it offered a 2-day webinar entitled: “Light Up: Staying Fit in the New Normal”. We’ve seen this webinar as an opportunity for participants to hone their knowledge and skills to effectively be of service to all in need and also to support their institutions, agencies or organizations.

The objectives of the webinar:

Session 1. Topic: Mental Health Matters

Learning Objectives: At the end of the activity, participants are expected to:

Identify the challenges caused by the pandemic.

  1. Increase understanding of the value of mental health.
  2. De-mystify and break stigma of mental health problems.
  3. Be ready with mental health challenges in their homes and communities.

Session 2. Topic: Mental Toughness: Calming the Storms Within.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the activity, participants are expected to:

  1. Understand compassion fatigue and self-compassion.
  2. Unfold the power to choose the responses for hope and healing.
  3. Be equipped with simple yet effective and cost-efficient stress management solutions and skills to prevent stress disorders.

The Resource Speaker:  Ms. Gladys Ramos. She is a Registered Guidance Counselor and currently working at the Lyceum of the Philippines. She also holds specialized credentials as a Certified Mental Health Trainer awarded by the Center for Credentialing and Education National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC-USA). She continues to serve as one of the mentors of Peer Facilitators and handles Anak OFW.

Ms. Rosalinda Tabios-Perez, The Executive Director of Open Heart Foundation greeted the participants and inspire them to be at their best to share the learnings and take aways as they go back to their own field and community with a renewed and refreshed mind.

This webinar learning sessions were attended by our partners in different areas; from the Cities of Quezon, Manila & Caloocan. Also from the provinces of Cavite, Abra, Pangasinan, Rizal, Sorsogon, Masbate, Catarman, Negros Occidental, Sarangani and Zamboanga del Norte with a total number of 136 participants.

If there is an advantage this time, it’s the connection of people via different platforms in social media.

The Open Heart Foundation considers this webinar as its share in mitigating the negative effects of this pandemic to all child-service providers so that they could continue serving our children during these difficult times.

Mr. Alber Hisoler, the School Principal of Dumalogdog Elementary School, Sindangan, Zamboanga Del Norte gave his learning insights on the first day of the session and Dr. Emelia Ramos, the Campus Director of Romblon State University shared her piece on the last day of the session.

Kudos! To all who participated in our 2-day series Webinar Learning Sessions. We adhere to follow the tips and precautions on how to stay healthy in the midst of these trying times. We can now help other people by helping and taking care of our self first.

To God be all the Glory!  

Prepared by: Davilyn Fajardo, Program Area Coordinator 1

Outreach Activity


OHF-PIA Outreach Project

It’s been almost a year since the news broke about the health problem facing the world today, the COVID-19 pandemic.  But during those times, one thing prevailed… solidarity!

The Philippine International Aid, a long-time partner of Open Heart Foundation (OHF), invited OHF to submit a proposal that could respond to the needs of the families of beneficiaries who were again affected by the lockdown in April 2021.

Open Heart was lucky to have been granted with required budget for our outreach mission.  In May 2021, OHF conducted an outreach activity for the families who were severely affected by the pandemic; families who lost livelihoods due to job closing, lack of transportation, quarantines and lockdowns.  These two agencies delivered assistance to families covered by the Greater Manila Area such as Cavite, Laguna, Manila, Quezon City and Rizal.

OHF staffs helped with the preparation from purchasing to repacking of 85 sets of goods for the recipients.  Each recipient received two bags of goods containing one grocery bag and one sanitation bag.  Grocery pack contains 5 kilos of rice, canned goods, noodles, coffee and Sanitation pack contains 1 gallon of alcohol, face mask, face shield, bath soap, powder detergent and toothpaste.

The distribution took place in Binan and Carmona on May 19, in Rodriguez on May 22, in GMA and Silang on May 24, and in Manila and Quezon City on May 25.  These were spearheaded by the Executive Director and the Program Area Coordinators 1.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has passed its one-year anniversary and vaccines are becoming available day by day, Open Heart Foundation continues to look for ways to help our less-fortunate brethren affected by the pandemic.  We believe that there are more ways to help and there are generous group of people who are willing to join in this endeavor.

To God be all the glory!

Prepared by:  Susie Bedia, Admin Officer 1

Supplemental Feeding


Sa likod  ng ating kinakaharap na problema dahil sa pandemya, ang kabataan ng Barangay Maybo Boac, Marinduque at miyembro ng Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) – Marinduque Chapter  ay nagkaisa upang ibahagi ang mumunting biyaya para sa mga batang may mga pangarap sa buhay. Nagkaroon kami ng isang aktibidad (Feeding Program) na may temang Kabataan para sa Kabataan, Ambagan para sa Hapag-kainan“. Ang programang ito ay ginanap noong ika-24 ng Mayo, 2021 sa Barangay Maybo na pinamunuan ni Mr. Richard Malabayabas at ng iba pang kasama ng scholarship program ng Open Heart Foundation.  Ang nasabing aktibidad ay nakapaghandog sa limampu (5) na mga bata na may edad tatlo (3) hanggang labing-apat (14) na taong gulang.  Nagbahagi kami ng pagkain at ilang mga damit mula sa donasyon para sa kanila pati na rin sa kanilang mga magulang.  Nagkaroon kami ng pagkakataon upang maibahagi sa mga bata ang mga biyayang aming natanggap.  Nakakatuwang makita sa mga mukha ang galak at ngiti ng bawat isa dahil sa simpleng biyaya na kanilang natanggap sa likod ng pandemyang ating pilit na nilalabanan. 

Ang kabataan at miyembro ng Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) Marinduque ay lubos na nagpapasalamat sa mga nakilahok upang maisakatuparan at maisagawa ng maayos ang nasabing aktibidad, lalong lalo na sa suportang ibinibigay ng mga taong bumubuo ng Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc.

Maraming maraming salamat po sa suportang tulong pinansyal upang maghatid ng kasiyahan sa iba lalo’s higit sa mga taong nangangailangan.  Kailanman ay hindi naging hadlang ang pandemayang ating kinakaharap upang mag-abot ng tulong sa lahat.  Bagkus ito ang nagbigay daan upang maiabot  ang biyayang pinagkaloob sa bawat isa.

Together we will say “Tara na at tumulong ng magkakasama sa kabila ng Pandemya!”

Prepared by: Nichelle Perlas, OHYM Marinduque Beneficiary

Capacity Building


Voter’s Education with CYPD Beneficiaries in Pangasinan, Quezon City, and Romblon

The main mission of the Foundation is to empower children and youth as well as to make them a productive member of our society.  Part of it is being an active voter.  Voting is taking a direct participation in the governance in our country as our vote determine the future of our country; either for better or for worst.  Since the national election is only a year to date, a Voter’s Education was conducted to 11 beneficiaries in Quezon City on May 10, 2021, 3 beneficiaries in Pangasinan on May 11, 2021, and 9 beneficiaries in Romblon on May 17, 2021.

The session helped them to understand the value of election and being an active voter.  They were reminded that their vote is both a right and a privilege as it can influence change in our country.  The session also gave emphasis to vote wisely and the qualities they should look for their bet.  The qualities they should look are righteous governance, person with integrity, gifted, has the heart to serve, and good track record.  The beneficiaries, then, are encouraged to get registered as a voter in their respective areas and roll out this session to their co-beneficiaries, also to their family and friends.  As it is said, “The best way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Prepared by: Saleah Joy Uclusin, RSW/Program Area Coordinator 1

Capacity Building


Salamat, Open Heart! The Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) Official Song

It was during the Open Heart Summer Youth Camp in year 2018 when the idea of having an Open Heart theme song was floated.  After years, this idea became a reality with the help of the Open Heart Youth Movement (OHYM) members and the Center for Social Action (CSA) of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) through their community service. The team of CSA was facilitated by CSA staff Ms. Catherine Panganiban and Mr. Ron Malaluan and by a volunteer student adviser, Mr. Dante Rivero.

A Song Writing Workshop was done by Patrick John Atok, a Music Production student, from January 19-27, 2021 which was attended by 23 OHYM members.  The participants were divided into three groups for the activity, which was represented by members from different areas.  Then, they creatively produced three sets of song lyrics inspired by how the Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. (OHFWI) helps them and how they extend to others what they received.  After this, the selection of the official song was followed through votation by the OHYM Groups (per area) and OHFWI staff.  There were four entries for the official song which were the three output from the workshop and one from beneficiary which was written during Open Heart Summer Youth Camp in year 2018.  The official song was “Salamat, Open Heart” which was written by group 2 during the workshop.  The instrumentation of the song was enhanced with the help of Jungyoon Hwang, also a Music Production student from DLS-CSB, through a workshop done on March 4, 2021.

The main objective of this activity was to develop a Music ID to creatively bring identity to Open Heart Youth Movement as an organized youth group of the Open Heart Foundation.  Through music, the group and the foundation may bring joy, inspiration, and promote unity in serving the community especially the children and youth.

Pusong bukas ng bente kwatro oras, Handang umagapay sa aming pagbagtas

Bago pa man sumuko nagsisilbing liwanag, Walang hanggang pasasalamat.

Bawat Delubyo’t mga suliranin buong pusong kakaharapin

Sigaw ng  kabataan kanila’y pinakikinggan, pinaglalaban mga karapatan.

Salamat Open Heart, Salamat sa pagtulong, Buo na ang aming kinabukasan

Salamat sa proteksyon, Mga puso’y naghihilom, Kami’y Taos pusong nagpapasalamat

Salamat, Salamat, Salamat, Salamat Open Heart!

Lyrics by:  Ailyn Donato, Angelika Alesna, Antonette Cometa, Henna Kenisha Aquino, Jayson Tapong, Johyses Lee, Reymark Lincallo Orilla, Wowie Mapakit.

Lyrics Arrangement & Instrumentation:  Patrick John Atok, Jungyoon Hwang.

Copyright:  Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. 2021

Prepared by: Saleah Joy Uclusin, RSW/Program Area Coordinator 1