Capacity Building

A Day of Learning and Empowerment: UNCRC Orientation for Kapalaran Disciple Child Development Center Parents/Guardian

Imagine a room filled with parents and guardians, eager to learn about something that deeply affects their children’s lives. This is what happened at the Kapalaran Disciple Child Development Center on September 6, 2023, when the Open Heart Foundation hosted an orientation on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

The day began with an introduction to the UNCRC. Parents discovered that it’s not just some distant document but a powerful tool that protects children’s rights all around the world. The UNCRC, is like a superhero cape for children, ensuring they’re safe, healthy, and happy.

Next, the speaker dived into the UNCRC’s specific rights. These rights were like a treasure map, guiding parents to understand what every child deserves. It tackled about the right to education, healthcare, and being safe from harm. But it didn’t stop there; the speaker showed how these rights connect to everyday life. Parents realize that these aren’t just big words; they are essential for their child’s growth.

Perhaps the most important part was when discussing parents’ role in all of this. The speaker shared practical tips for supporting their children’s development. Parents left the orientation feeling like superheroes, ready to protect their children’s rights.

The gathering was not just a lecture. It was a conversation. Parents asked questions, shared stories, and learned from each other. It was like a big family coming together to ensure their children’s happiness and well-being.

The orientation didn’t leave parents empty-handed. They are provided with information about resources and support networks. Now, parents have tools to help them navigate the world of child rights.

The foundation would like to express gratitude for the partnership of the Project Against Child Exploitation (ACE) for giving 17 IEC materials Calendar and 17 Hotline numbers that are helpful for the recipients.

The UNCRC orientation was not just an event; it was a day of empowerment. Parents are left with a better understanding of their children’s rights and a sense of responsibility to protect them. We believe this knowledge will lead to a brighter future, where every child’s rights are respected and celebrated.

Prepared By: Maejorie Ortega, RSW