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Embracing 31 Years of Open Heart: A Jubilant Celebration of God’s Grace

Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. celebrated its momentous 31st anniversary on August 5, 2023, with the theme “31 Years of Impact: Bridging the Hearts, Changing Lives.” The festivities commenced with a soul-stirring mass, officiated by Father Noi Azupardo where the first reading about Jubilee set the tone for a day of celebration and thanksgiving.

The gospel message echoed the importance of righteousness and choosing the right path, reminding us to follow what God wants us to do in all our endeavors as we follow the legacy of our founder, Robert LeGore.

Following the uplifting mass, the program kicked off with great enthusiasm and energy, thanks to the dynamic hosting duo Mae and Frank. Their vibrant personalities set the stage for a series of captivating performances, beginning with the ECCD teachers’ dance number.

Ms. Linda Perez, the Executive Director, delivered inspiring opening remarks, proudly highlighting the organization’s remarkable achievements throughout the year. Ms. Adele Joaquin, Executive Director of Bantay Matanda Inc., graced the stage with her enchanting renditions of “Ang Hele ni Nanay,” “What a Wonderful World,” and “In Other Words,” accompanied by her mesmerizing flute performance.

The event was filled with excitement and joy as the audience eagerly awaited the raffle draw results, leaving everyone delighted with their prizes. The celebration was further enhanced by a captivating Hawaiian dance performance by BOT and the staff, adding an exotic touch to the festivities.

Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, the ceremony took a momentous turn with the announcement and awarding of the winners of the bowling tournament, amplifying the festive spirit of the occasion. A sumptuous lunch break provided an opportunity for everyone to savor the moment and engage in delightful conversations with friends and colleagues.

The event also included a significant moment when letters of acceptance for scholars were distributed, conveying a powerful message of hope and commitment to nurturing the next generation of change-makers. Ms. Linda Perez took the stage to present Open Heart’s accomplishments and plans, setting an optimistic course for the organization’s continued impact.

Acknowledging the dedication and loyalty of its members, Ms. Cheryl Ocampo, with her 20 years of service to Open Heart, received a well-deserved award, recognizing her invaluable contributions.

The success of all projects and programs wouldn’t have been possible without the support of various stakeholders, and the board members expressed their heartfelt thanks and encouragement to the management staff, ECCD teachers, partners, and everyone involved in making the organization thrive.

The plaque of appreciation presented to Let’s Share Foundation, Phil. International Aid, and Rick and Mely Rey Foundation, symbolized the power of partnerships in effecting positive change.

The event concluded, with an exciting photo session, capturing the shared moment and preserving the memories of this significant celebration.

In essence, Open Heart Foundation’s 31st -anniversary celebration transcended a mere milestone, representing the enduring legacy of compassion, hope, and transformative change that the organization embraces with boundless dedication. As it embarks on the path ahead, Open Heart Foundation remains poised to create an even more profound impact, bridging hearts and changing lives across the country.

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to Open Heart!