Monitoring Visit to Catarman, Northern Samar

Annually, the Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. (OHFWI) tries to visit most of its areas of implementation nationwide. Last May 17, 2023, OHFWI visited its beneficiaries in the municipality of Catarman in Northern Samar.

During the visit, the assigned area coordinator, Jay Frank A. Diaz, had a “kumustahan” session with the beneficiaries to know the challenges they are facing as students, and how OHFWI can help them ease these.

Since most of the beneficiaries from the area are in their last year in college, the most challenging part for them is managing their time and finances as they have to juggle a lot of tasks which require money. According to them, they were able to surpass these challenges with the help of their family, friends, and the assistance they get from the Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. They also expressed how grateful they are for the support of OHFWI with their studies.

Executive Director, Ma’am Rosalinda Perez, concluded the session with a congratulatory message for the students as they are yet to survive another year in college. While it’s bittersweet to accept that most of them will be leaving the organization, the challenge for them now is to conquer the real world of the professional workforce.

Prepared by: Jay Frank Diaz, RSW

Program Area Coordinator