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OHF Rest and Recreation 2023

To strengthen employee relations, the Open Heart Foundation held its annual rest and recreation cum team bonding for its Staff and Board of Trustees (BOT) on March 15-17,2023 in Boracay, one of the world’s best beach destinations located in Malay, Aklan.

On day one, the group travelled early via land and sea.  It was late afternoon when the group reached the island of Boracay.  The staff didn’t waste time after the accommodation process, they made the most of the day sightseeing from station 1 to 3, picture taking, and exploring restaurants and shops.  They also didn’t let hair braiding go off the list because it is one of Boracay’s best.

On the second day, the group decided to go island hopping.  The package has four stopovers including snorkeling and a buffet lunch.  But only three of these were carried out due to strong waves.  So the group was able to return early at the hotel.  However, the time wasn’t wasted because the staff and board still made the most of it through crystal kayak photoshoots and group picture takings by the beach.  Afterwards, some went to their respective rooms to rest and freshen up for the next activity.  Others spent time in the swimming pool.  At 4:00 PM, the Admin facilitated a team bonding where 5 game activities were prepared for everyone.  Even though the set of activities was tiring, the goal to encourage collaboration, teamwork, and to have fun together was accomplished.  After this, the Staff and BOT went their way again to make the most of the remaining time on the island that day.

On the third and last day, the group once again had breakfast together, and the little time left was used for group photo shoots with the Board of Trustees and their companions.

The activity was full of fun because the Board of Trustees was able to join the Staff.  Everyone is looking forward to the next activity together.

Prepared by: Jesusa Bedia, Admin Officer