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Monitoring Visit in Enrile, Cagayan

On February 17, 2023, the OHF Team went to Enrile, Cagayan to visit the 2 CYDP Scholars who are still in third year college. Most of their batchmates who are two years ahead of them have graduated. WE arranged that the meeting will take place in the residence of one of the scholars,

Upon visitation, the team met and get to know Daisy’s parents. Daisy’s parents testified how grateful they were that their child is one of the foundation’s scholars and that the monthly allowance provided for their child is a great help for them to ease the financial burden of sending her to college considering the meager income the parents received in caregiving an old relative.

The parents were reminded of their roles and responsibilities as stipulated in the “kasunduan”

On the later part of the monitoring visit, the 2 scholars were given a chance to share the challenges encountered in school and updates about their lives. The  Program area coordinator gave them piece of advice and strengthened their resolve to focus on reaching their desired goals.

Prepared By: Maejorie U. Ortega, RSW, Program Area Coordinator