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Monitoring Visit in Kabugao, Apayao

On February 16, 2023, OHFWI had a courtesy call with the LGU of Kabugao, Apayao. During the meeting, programs, where possible partnerships can be established, were discussed. The same day, OHFWI Staff met nine (9) newly admitted CYDP Beneficiaries from the area. Program Area Coordinator, Frank Diaz, facilitated the activity.

A former CYDP Beneficiary, Christian Irving, also attended the activity. He was given time to share his experiences in being part of the program and pieces of advice for the newly admitted beneficiaries as they go on in their respective journey of finishing their course with assistance from the OHFWI.

Board of Trustees Secretary of the OHFWI, Marlyn Fernando, also gave a message to the newly admitted beneficiaries. She emphasized the hope of the organization to give back the assistance that they receive through helping their younger siblings when they finish their respective courses.

In her message, the Executive Director of OHFWI Ms. Rosalinda Perez, reminded parents that the financial assistance given by the Foundation is not enough for the educational needs of the children. It is just an augmentation to what the parents provide. The responsibility to support still lies on parents; financially and morally.

The first batch of allowances for the new scholars was also distributed after the meeting.

Prepared by: Jay Frank Diaz, RSW, Program Area Coordinator