Monitoring Visit in San Fernando, Romblon

Just like a smooth sail after the heavy rain, the same feeling we felt after almost 3 years of waiting to conduct this monitoring visit in San Fernando, Romblon. It’s always smoother to conduct an activity in face-to-face mode.

The baby faces whom we interviewed before are now on their last year in tertiary education and some are about to graduate.

During the visit which was held on May 24, 2022, preliminary activities were done. A short activity of human bingo brought a lighter mood among the beneficiaries for they were all eager to know more about the talents and experiences of their fellow scholars. Seeing them face to face and interacting with them in the same environment bring a different level of interaction and communication.  

One of the purposes of the monitoring visit is to gather students’ and parents’ feedback/evaluation for the School Year 2021-2022. This is one way of knowing what aspects we need to improve on and aspects to continue. Some scholars shared their struggles and how they survived the crucial times. It has been a challenging year for those who had their practicum and on-the-job training off-campus. But all hardships paid off when 2 from the Graduating batch got the award of  Cum Laude, Ms. Meljoy Ticala and Cindy Romlon. Also, Ferlyn Monton and Rocelyn Rino got the award With Distinction and our 3rd-year scholars, Mr. Mark Encinares, Carra Shanen N. Rezano, and Claudine R. Banzuelo are Dean’s Listers.

The parents also shared the struggles and challenges they encountered and how they overcame them for they became stronger and more ready to face whatever comes.   They acknowledged the financial assistance and the learnings of their children from the organization during the virtual meetings and activities. All parents and graduates of Batch 2022 shared the joy they feel with a thankful heart.

The Program Area Coordinator shared a motivational story entitled “The Group of Frogs”. The moral value of the story is: there is no gain without pain. So always try harder to achieve success despite what life offers you. Always remember as well that yourself is your greatest enemy when you feed yourself with negative thoughts. If you feel discouraged, take time to talk to yourself and be motivated to do more. Never get tired to reach your goal.

Mark Encinaries shared his thoughts and learning insights as well. Also, he suggested that they would love to invite some friends and requested leadership training for the next webinar of Open Heart Foundation.

The selection of new officers for the Open Heart Youth Movement for Romblon was conducted since most of the officers are about to graduate. Officers are, President: Mark Angelo Encinares,V-President: Janette O. Rago,Secretary: Carra Shannen N. Rezano,Treasurer: For San Fernando: Claudine Banzuelo,For Cajidiocan: Gabrielle Hannah Rey,Auditor: Christine Jane Rey and P.I.O. : Jun Carlo Regla.

Ms. Rosalinda Tabios-Perez, the Executive Director of the Open-Heart Foundation cited that she wants all the scholars to become successful someday, finish their studies and find decent jobs so that they may be able to help their families in the future. That was the goal of the Open Heart Foundation, to help one student in a family and that scholar will alleviate her family from the clutches of poverty. They must pay it forward to their siblings and other families as well. To the graduating batch, she challenged them to strive further, because finishing their college education is just the beginning of their life’s journey. They are expected to lead their communities in the future.

After the activity, OHF Finance Staff, Markben Dapilaga disbursed their monthly allowance and distributed also the small token for the volunteer coordinators of San Fernando and Cajidiocan Romblon.

The Open Heart Scholars of San Fernando and Cajidiocan Romblon with their parents and OHF Volunteers and from Left (sited) Ms. Wilhelmina Molo, Dr. Emelia B. Ramos-The RSU Campus Director, Ms. Rosalinda Perez-OHF Executive Director and Davilyn Fajardo-Program Area Coordinator.