Outreach Activity


Barangay Rosario is one of the communities that was affected by the typhoon Rolly and Ulysses. The after effect of the typhoon left the houses sunk in the flood which made residents move in the evacuation center, leaving them with no food and basic needs.

On December 1, 2020, the Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. in partnership with the International Container Terminal Services Inc. Foundation distributed 100 grocery packs to the families from Barangay Rosario and 35 food packs and giveaways for the children who are the recipients of the Health and Nutrition Program before. The residents expressed their heartfelt gratitude, saying the groceries are a big help for their families.

 The little ways of helping the people in the community has a great impact relieving them from worries on how to acquire food for their families. Every meal is a struggle when one does not know where to source them. Help and support from entities like ICTSI and Open Heart serve to uplift the spirits of people affected by these calamities. In every struggle, there will always be a chance to start and rise again. We are glad to witness the resiliency of these families. We are wishing for their safety and good health!

Prepared by:

Desiree B. Enriquez, RSW
Area Coordinator