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Summer Camp 2018

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Open Heart Foundation Children and Youth Movement (OHF CYDP) Officers of Binan, Laguna, Manila, and Quezon City had a brainstorming about the first ever summer camp that will gather all the beneficiaries and staff of different areas to have fun and make new learnings. The officers together with Social Worker Ms. Visimar Mimay and Ms. Saleah Uclusin planned and think about what will be the objective, theme, location, date and activities of the upcoming summer camp.

The Summer Camp 2018 with a theme “WERPA: We are Empowered, Resilient, Purposeful and Assertive” Youth Leaders was held at Jabez Camp Site in Dasmarinas, Cavite on April 21-23, 2017 was joined by beneficiaries and staffs.

The first day activity was assigned to Wowie Mapakit and Crystal Timbal the Youth Facilitators assigned to assists the campers about the activities that will be having for the day. The campers was divided into 6 groups named by colors which are group yellow, peach, green, violet, blue, and orange that will be the groups to be together in the tents and activities designated to them, they are grouped by the staffs and recognized together with their facilitators. Wowie Mapakit for group yellow, Joshua Sipat for group blue, Angelou Corales for group green, Crystal Timbal for group violet, Ruzzel Camposano for group peach, and Sheila Savellano for group orange. They will be the leaders of the group as well as the facilitators of the activities of the camp.

Each group should come up with a name and make a flag that represents their group that will be presented to the staffs and campers. After the activity on the first day, the group leaders and members get the food that they will cook for their dinner. Before the day will end, youth facilitators conducted an activity to get to know their members and to have a bonding for the rest of the camp, each members will pick a paper that has a pictures of things that they think represents them and will be discussed within the group.

The highlight of the camp was the second day because the activities was extreme for the campers which is facilitated by Ruzzel Camposano and Angelou Corrales; at exactly 6:00AM the campers get ready by cooking their breakfast and participating on the Zumba that were prepared by the youth facilitators. The campers was engaged to different obstacles with their groups to learn how to work with others and have a strong stamina to surpass any trials that they will face. Lastly, the campers get the chance to enjoy and have fun in the swimming pool after the activity. At night, we set a bonfire to end the day with some sharing of experiences and learnings of the campers for the activities that has done, they are given papers to write their thoughts and things that they wanted to get rid of themselves by burning them.

The last day activity was facilitated by Sheila Savellano and Joshua Sipat, it was the giving of certificates for the winners of the games and recognition for those who excel in different areas of the activities in the camp.

Article by: Sheilamae Savellano, CYDP QC Beneficiary


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