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Moving Up and Recognition Day!

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MOVING-UP, a term coined to describe an action of leveling up in one’s qualification or position. It is stepping up ahead towards a future goal.

In the Early Childhood Care and Development Program (ECCDP), it is an inspiring sight to see parents guiding their children in the early stages of their education. The unconditional love of parents, their patience and understanding are factors that guide the children through so that someday they will also treat and care for their future families in the same way.

In this stage of their development, children are taught basic concepts of the things they see and feel around them but most of all, they learn some social skills necessary for appropriate interaction with their peers. It is always during the first day of classes when you can see the struggle of the children and parents. Children do not want to be left in a strange classroom without their mothers, and mothers also are hesitant to leave their children behind. But at the end of the school year, the innocent girl/boy leveled up to become a little independent and gain a confidence to be on her own with his/her peers.

Recognizing children’s talents at the end of the school year is something parents’ look forward to. It is during the moving up activity when talented and gifted children showcase their gifts and talents. This is the time of the year when parents free themselves from whatever that keeps them busy because it is their pride to accompany their children go up the stage to receive medals, certificates and ribbons. Teachers are proud as well. Teachers are aware that someday these small children will move-up to elementary, high school and college and become responsible adults in their respective communities. It would be good to look back that some time in the distant past; these children have been their pupils!

Cheers!!! To all who step-up to reach their dreams and congratulations both to the parents and teachers for the job well-done.

News Article by: Davilyn Fajardo, ECCD Program Manager


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