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OHYM Quezon City Clean-Up Drive

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Environmental sustainability helps prevent global warming and climate change. One example of environmental sustainability is simply through cleaning. Cleanliness in the environment contributes a lot in maintaining a clean and green surrounding. It is simple yet a helpful way of improving a healthy environment.

As part of the scheduled activities of Children and Youth Development Program for SY2017-2018, the beneficiaries of Open Heart Foundation Worldwide Inc. conducted a Clean-Up Drive in Barangay West Fairview, Quezon City last April 9, 2017. The objective of the activity is to bring the beneficiaries together, to work together for a common good which is to promote cleanliness and be active in the community where we are residing.

The activity was attended by five OHF beneficiaries in Quezon City and assisted by Ms. Saleah, an Open Heart Foundation area coordinator in-charge of QC beneficiaries. Right after the activity, we, the beneficiaries donated cleaning materials like broomsticks and dust pans to the Barangay to be used by their cleaning department.

Helping is not a privilege, it is an obligation. Therefore, as youth of today, we are obliged to take care of the provisions God has given us. We are grateful that in our own little way, we could be of help in improving our environment. Thank you also to Open Heart Foundation for teaching us and helping us making a difference.

News Article by Iryll Castillo, CYDP-Quezon City Beneficiary