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A Sweet Success Behind Poverty

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Every child has his or her own ambition in life. And every time we ask children what they would like most to become in the future, they have plenty to share.

Moises Ramos, a beneficiary of the Open Heart Foundation is one of those children whom if asked of his dream would gladly share, He wants to be an Engineer.

Life has never been easy. He belongs to a poor family. His father has no permanent source of income and his mother is a full time house wife. In spite of their difficulty, the parents really tried hard to be able to provide the basic needs of their children.

Moises diligently finished his high school education as a Valedictorian. Proud parents as they maybe, but at the back of their minds, they started to worry about the future of their son. They knew that they have no capacity to provide for his college education. Graduating as a valedictorian gives one an opportunity for a full tuition fee free upon enrolment. He then used this chance to enroll at St.Louis University. This means that he should be in a boarding house in Baguio City. Life as a student, in a boarding house, with other people whom you never met before and being away from your family was difficult. He took time to adjust; despite the difficulty he remained strong.

Financially struggling, delayed payments for boarding house, skipping meals, allowances insufficient, He faced them all, with a big heart and belief that God will send an angel to help him with his struggles in life. God never sleeps. God has His own time to pour his blessings.

Mr./Mrs. Rick Rey, partner of the Foundation came and asked the Open Heart Foundation to identify poor but deserving students for them to support. Moises then had an interview with the Social Worker; and he was then recommended for full support. This gave him inspiration to go through his studies more diligently.  The support given to him made him more focused to reach his goal.  He was in his scholastic performance. He then graduated with honors at St.Louis University in Baguio City.

He took the Licensure Examination last October 16, 2016. And after few days of waiting, the big news came. He was 2nd place topnotcher in the licensure examination for  the Electronics and Communication Engineering. Our heartfelt Congratulations Engineer Moises Ramos! Kuddos to you and your proud parents as well. We are very happy for your success, other scholars of OHF will emulate your example. Truly, poverty is never a hindrance for one who has the strong determination and perseverance in life… and success does not come easy.  It is even sweeter when you’ve sacrificed and worked hard for it… to reach that goal.

News Article by: Visimar Mimay, RSW, CYDP Program Manager


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