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An Enchanting Experience for Open Heart Beneficiaries

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On Saturday, October 15, 2016, thirty children/beneficiaries of the Open Heart Foundation was given the opportunity to visit this theme park amusement center in Sta. Rosa, Laguna; the magical world of the Enchanted Kingdom. Ms. Gosiengfiao called up Open Heart Foundation and asked if its possible to invite 30 to 35 children and bring them to Enchanted Kingdom.

During assembly at the training center of the Foundation in Casile, children became excited. This was because it is their first time to visit the place. They looked forward to the different rides they have heard from the experiences of others who had visited the place.

They were oriented on safety policies/reminders before the trip to Enchanted Kingdom. A short prayer was led by one beneficiary. Two jeepneys were hired by the benefactor to bring the children to Enchanted Kingdom. As soon as we arrived there, the guest officer assigned to assists us patiently waited for us. The children could not hide their excitement but they were all behaved. A welcome snacks was made available for the group. A short orientation was then conducted by Ms. Kristine from Enchanted Kingdom.

The children were divided into six groups, each group was supervised by OHF volunteer and parent monitor. Each group went on their choices of rides together with the staff/adult companion. They really had fun and enjoyed the magical experience of the place. Their laughter was contagious and manifests the happiness and joy they feel.

One of their most unforgettable experiences was the close encounter with the sponsor. Least did we know that she was Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao, a famous cosplay artist. She has this angelic and enchanting beauty. She says she likes being with children and expressed her gratitude to the children. This experience is another memorable and remarkable one for us, especially the children. Thank you for the opportunity you have shared to the less fortunate children of the Foundation.

The day ended with smiles on their lips. It was, indeed, a tiring day but with memories worth treasuring and reminiscing.

Thank you and Kudos.

News Article by: Visimar Mimay, RSW, CYDP Program Manager


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