CYDP Beats the Heat of Summer

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Last May 10, 2016, Children and Youth Program together with the Manila and Quezon City beneficiaries goes to La Mesa: Eco Park Pool to create bonding and camaraderie among the old and new beneficiaries of Open Heart Foundation.

This is the first time of the group to meet each other, from manila youth and qc youth. At first they were all shy while introducing themselves to the group. But then, this makes them more mature enough to build relationship and become more than a family.

On the first activity, the group was facilitated by Russell and Patricia. They had some expectation check to the group as participants, activities and facilitators. The group wanted a happy, enjoy, fun, exciting and learning games. For the participants and co-participants, they wanted to be cooperative, optimistic and have team work. And as facilitators, they want gullible, fun, entertaining and clear on the instructions of the activities.

After having their expectation, the group was divided into 3 groups, combination of Manila and Quezon City beneficiaries. They were excited as the facilitator told them to make their own flag or banner and a cheer for their group.

They presented their flags and cheer then, proceed to the pool for water activities. Ruzzel and Patricia facilitated the games and provided.

The group was gathered around to have a wonderful boodle fight for the lunch. The beneficiaries were very excited and make fun of each other. After the activities they become closer and remove the awkwardness to each other. They already establish relationship and friendship among them.

After all the activities, they proceed to the awarding of the winners. They were excited for the prizes as small token. At that point, youth enjoyed their free time for swimming. And continue their bonding with all the beneficiaries.

In summary, all the beneficiaries were happy and blessed for this wonderful opportunity not only to enjoy the summer but also to meet new people within the family they belong to. They are hoping for more activities in the future with all the OHF beneficiaries from different areas.

They learned the most important thing on this activity, family and friendship. They have acceptance for the new member of the family and help them to adopt in the new environment. Open heart youth are getting bigger and closer as one family.

News Article by: Maureen Kate Roque, RSW, CYDP Area Coordinator


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